Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still no pics!!! :(

No pictures this time either. :( :( :(

 The reason.........I have lost my beloved camera.  Unfortunately it did not make it home with the kids and I are our walk home for Mama and Popup's on Memorial Day.  And there were so many AWESOME pics on there...I actually had managed to get one of my self, Myles, Mayci, and Madison.   And to top it off...we matched.  Sadly, Damian was busy working when that miracle happened.  So we will have to try again for that.

Some good news though---I did buy a new camera!! WOOHOO!!!  And I have taken some pics, but I still need to get them uploaded and onto my computer.

But in other news.  The past 2 weeks have been pretty good!  2 weeks ago on Thursday my sister, Lisa(the older one) and I went to go see Damian play at La Kerencya on Franklin Ave in Hartford.  Such a nice evening.  Ted and Abby were gracious enough to take all 3 kids and get them bathed and in pj's for me.  In fact, it turned out to be a late night, so 2 of the kids were actually sleeping when I got there to pick them up. Myles, of course, was still full of energy...an since he normally spends the night at their house on Fridays, I just let him do his thing.  Being able to go and see Damian play was such a good thing...for both Damian, myself, and our marriage as a whole.  We spend a lot of day sort of just passing by each pother. I'm getting ready for bed when he's coming home.  He is settling into bed when I am preparing to get up and head off to work.  And sometimes the weekends turn out the same way. I have not been the most supportive wife, even though I hate to admit it, so I don't go out and see him play often.  I think I last saw him play in November, which is so bad.  And let me tel you...watching him play gives me goosebumps every time.  He amazes me, and the things that he does on the piano just make me so proud.  I am so glad that he chose me to be his wife out of all the women and the world, and the least I can do is---is show him.  I'd like to think that me being there meant something to him also, I feel like he looked at me differently afterwards...so happy!!!!!  Sad news---I got some pretty good pics that day, too bad they were still in my camera....

Enough about me gloating about my wonderful man!!

Another day that had some wonderful pictures that I will never get back--- Memorial Day.  Madison had spent the night on Sunday at Grandma Virginia's house, so Myles, Mayci, and and I went to pick her up from there.  We headed out to Simsbury to watch the parade.  We found a great place to sit right across from Damian's job.  Myles got a little antsy before the parade truly started, but the little old lady next to us, kept talking to him and distracted...Thank God for the kind people that God places in our paths.  She must have sensed my frustration with him, because she would always sort of interject at just the right moment with a tender smile and the kindest words.  Not in a condescending way, but in a"lonely grandma" way.  But once the parade started, Myles was all smiles--waving at everyone and getting super excited when they would notice him and give him a special wave back!  I tried to take a second for each group to explain to them who they were and why they walking in the parade and why we should be proud, but I doubt they were even listening to me.  Even Mayci seemed to enjoy herself even though she was incredibly sweaty and having trouble seeing because the sun was so bright!

As we left the parade, I headed to Ted and Abby's so the kids could be dropped off there with Daddy and Mayci and I headed home to rest for a little.  She took a good nap and hen I plopped her in the stroller and walked to meet the rest of the family.  So many people showed up there for good times, laughter, fellowships, fun, and just hanging with friends. I am not sure we did much honoring of those who have passed or served so we can have out freedoms, but we did enjoy some good food and great weather.  When it was time to head out..which was pretty early for us, since we had work and school the next day, Ted let me have the double stroller so thee kids and I could walk home.  Damian had to head to rehearsal so I didn't want him to have to have to stop and drop us off...plus, who am I kidding---I can definitely use the exercise!!!!!

Al in all------the past 2 weeks have been good...and I am started to think about some fun family activities that we can use to fill our summer months!!  Plus I have been brainstorming ways for Damian and I to spend our 5 year anniversary in August!!!

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