Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting in the groove.........

Okay, so just a heads up---------------------no pictures for this post.

 I am beating myself up for not keeping up with this post consistently.  And since I am sort of using it as a public journal, I should be doing WAY better. I was originally going to try to play catch up..posting on our dailies from Myles birthday party to now, but let's face it.....our lives are definitely not that interesting and I don't feel like looking back in my calendar and writing it all down.  I will do a short little summary though.

The past three weeks and pretty much consisted of: work and carting kids around for me; work and gigs for Damian; playing and trying new foods and getting Strep throat & her first dose antibiotics for Mayci; actually wearing the Spiderman costume everyday and being "officially" potty trained for Myles, and school, piano, last dance competition, dance pics, and dance lessons for.  Miss busy bee Madison was also reader of the month and last Friday had her picture taken with her favorite school, to be hung on the wall at school.  She had her first and only violin recital at school this past Monday also.

I have been working on myself more than usual over the past several weeks.  About 2 weeks ago, I had another one of my "meltdowns" and was completely convinced that I was an inadequate woman, mother, wife, person.  I, of course, called my mom and calmed down as she talked me through it--reminding me that I am too hard on myself and it is okay to not want to do things sometimes.  Since then I have been trying to keep positive, remain calm during moments when I would normally breakdown, and begin to get my "life together.  Le's put it this way--- I have never been much of a housekeeper...WHAT?!?!?!  Did I truly just write that for people to read?  YUP!!  I most certainly did.  I have never been a stickler for keeping things, "just so.  My house is never really SPOTLESS (and if you have kids and your house is, then I am convinced that you are even more BORING than I am) and sometimes I let my kids run around and get dirty.  But I have made a personal decision to begin to put it in some kind of order.  It is going pretty slowly.  But I have joined this website called and they are teaching me that my house didn't get dirty in a day so it will take more than a day to get it back in to shape and that anything can be done in 15 minutes.  BABYSTEPS for me!!!  But I can tell that I am getting somewhere.....for Heaven's sake- we moved into this house that last week of August 2011 and I still haven't hung the stuff up on the walls that I wanted and I have yet to paint the bathroom and Myles' room like I have wanted forever.

I haven't gotten the new transmission for my car yet either.  We are trying to wait until we can come up with money without putting us behind on bills....and Damian's cousin Frankie has told us that if we can get it towed to Meriden for a Saturday, he can have it done before the end of the day.  SO babysteps for that also.  Once I get it fixed, I am going to finish paying it off and then start looking for a................................................................................ minivan!  We really need one and I am no longer ashamed to get one :)

And speaking of money--Damian and I have made the decision to get rid of cable.  And it's not because I don't want my kids to exposed to the vulgar, and inappropriate things on television.  While that is definitely true--I must admit, I will probably suffer worse than the kids.  I love to curl up with a blanket, a coffee, and watch my Lifetime movies or my Discovery channel.  But realistically--that money could be goign towards something else.  Since we will still have the internet, we can still watch movies and i can still watch General Hospital on it's not even like we are giving it up 100%  Not to mention the fact that Damian and I made this decision last week and I have yet to call the cable company yet--I think I am struggling to let go.

I have begun to go back to church and the kids do come wit me, we have chosen to switch to the Saturday night service that out church offers.  Madison loves her class on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Myles is getting used to it, and Mayci still struggles sometimes, so I end up being paged before the end of service just to remind her that she is okay!  I have volunteered to help begin a praise dance are of worship with Promiseland...we have our first meetign next weekend...and I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!

Last but not least, I am starting something this Sunday called Project 365.  It's where you take at least one picture a day each week and post them in a weekly blog.  I will begin iwth thge picture taking this Sunday and will post by weekly Project 365 every Sunday.  But I will still do posts in between...hopefully...I mean come on---I am still A CONSTANT WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!

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  1. Yes, a work in progress...aren't we all! FlyLady was a God-send to me several years ago. The light finally went off that I don't have to wait until my house LOOKS like it needs to be clean before I clean it. That I can actually do regular maintenance on it so its usually looking ok. Stick with it and your mom is right...don't be too hard on yourself!

    I also like She is very encouraging and helpful.

    Be blessed today!