Friday, May 4, 2012

Dance Competition #1 April 22, 2012

I'm a little behind on posting, so please bear with me!!

On Sunday April 22nd, Madison was involved in her first ever dance competition.  And boy oh boy...let me be completely honest with myself and anyone else who is reading-- I am so NOT in shape.  I was dead tired after that day.  I mean so was Madison, but she at least had the excuse that she had danced!!!

Damian was out of town  from Friday the 20th - Sunday working in the studio on his upcoming CD, so he wasn't around to help out with the kids.  We found out sort of last minute that Madison and I needed to be at the MassMutual Center in Springfield Mass by 7:30a.  Now I already knew that I was not going to bring Myles and Mayci with me.  While they are great kids, I definitely made the right decision.  I would never have been able to keep those two happy and occupied for such a long day.

I decided to gather the kids and myself up and stay at Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Wayne's house (my parents).  This way Madison and I could wake up early and the other two could sleep in and not have to worry  about me trying to pack the them up to drop them off somewhere.  Once again----THANKS SO MUCH MOMMA AND DADDY!  ( I don't even know if either of them even read this, so if you are reading and you know them-please pass this message along).  Well, like a little kid, I couldn't sleep at all...I don't know if it was my excitedness(I know, I know--not even a word) or the fact that I am so paranoid about being late that kept me up.  But by 4:30a..I was up for good!  I got myself together and then got Madison and up and ready!  What a trooper...she really is a great little girl!
We were on the road by 6:15a.  And of course, because I am such a sucker--we had to stop by Dunkin Donuts and get our breakfast.  We were at the MassMutual center by about 7:15a.  YAY!!  Early!!  Unfortunately, the workers at the MassMutual couldn't  let us into the building until the judges got there, so we were stuck in the door way between the outside and the lobby with all the other dance studios until about 8am.  And of course it had to be cold, rainy, and windy...

And WOW!! I was so not prepared for this at all.  I had Madison's dance costume on a hangar, but over it I was just using a white plastic bag, and had a small makeup kit in her backpack along with a few hair supplies just so I could touch her hair up if need be. Clearly I didn't get the memo that you needed garment bags that had been bedazzled, rolling suitcases, and makeup kits larger than your rolling backpack.  I was in didn't even seem to phase Madison at all, so I tried not to make a big deal out of it either.
Madison before performing

The entire group...Madison is front and center

Madison after performing...hence why the makeup is almost ALL gone!!

But anyway...........the girls all surprised me and danced very well.  They had their smiles on and were quite the performers.  They ended up scoring a High Gold for their number and got 2nd place all together.  And since it was Madison's 1st competition ever....................................I was so PROUD!!!!  The awards ceremony for the 1st half was around 2 or so and then Madison and her friend Jessie wanted to stay and watch some of the older girls dance.  We hung around until about 545p, but by that time....I was so tired that I forced the girls out and dropped Jessie off at home.  After stopping at Grandma and Grandpa's house to pick up Myles and Mayci, we were finally home by about 7:45p.  Poor Damian didn't get home until about 9:30.

Needless to say- I need to get myself into shape so that I can handle these weekends.  What am I going to do when all 3 of the kids are involved in things??

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