Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spiderman and the number 3

Friday April 27th

Our little man has turned 3!!!  Oh my word! I cannot believe that Mr Myles McCoy Curtis turned 3 years old.  It seems like just yesterday that he was born.  I remember spending the day at the reservoir the day before I gave birth----and how sore my legs were when I was in the hospital because I had the nerve to walk around the ENTIRE reservoir!  I remember walking Madison out to her bus stop that morning and telling her that her little brother would be here before she got to the hospital after school.  Thank goodness I kept that promise.  Myles was born at exactly 3:20pm...the exact time that the final school bell would have rung at Madison's school.  But anyway----

Myles, you are one of the most fascinating "little" people I know!  You amaze me almost daily with your knowledge and excitement towards life.  I can already see a "man" in your eyes and have the utmost confidence that you will do wonderful things in your life.  You are already so eager to learn and do well...Myles, God truly blessed us with you and I hope that we are able to parent you to the best of our ability while you are on loan to us from the Lord!!  I thank God for you daily...even when you challenge me!!

Since I had to work on his birthday, we didn't really do anything.  That and the fact that my car died on me on the way to work the day before, so I had no way to go anywhere :(  It was pretty chilly when I got home, but he insisted on playing at the park.  So Madison headed over and Myles, Mayci and I followed...but only managed to stay about 45 minutes before deciding that it was too cold and time to go home.  We didn't even do a cake or anything for him, but hopefully he won't be traumatized since we had a decent sized party for him the next day. :)

Saturday April 28th

PARTY DAY!!!!  Today was Myles' 3rd birthday party.  Spiderman themed of course.  The morning was rough because I had a little meltdown about the guys wanting to get much needed yardwork done 2 hours before the party.  But I am working on that....I have to learn to stop sweating the small stuff and letting things go.  Because it always works out.  And thanks to some great family and friends, we were able to have 2 grills going, some awesome fruit kabob things, and extra chairs, tables, and fun outside toys for the kids.  Couldn't have done it with out them. The weather was a little chilly,but only the adults seemed to mind.... It was nice for Myles to have some kids, especially boys,  his age to play with.  He, of course, spent the day in his spiderman costume (which he has worn at least everyday since) and digging a hole in the backyard.  He was so cute because everytime someone would say, "Happy Birthday Myles", he would respond... "Happy Birthday to you too."
Unfortunately Madison had to miss out on most of the party because of a dance competition in Hartford at the Convention Center---but she explained to him in the morning that she wouldn't be there and I honestly don't even think he realized that she was gone.
All in all, it turned out to be a great day--full of family, friends, laughs, and fun! Not to mention all of the presents Myles received from such generous people.

Me pretending like I actually know what I am doing

We feel so honored to have so many people come by and share their love of Myles with us on his special day!!

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