Wednesday, August 27, 2014


WHEW!!!  Another summer has come and gone and we are entering BACK TO SCHOOL time!!

I cannot believe it.  In addition to sending Madison off to the 6th grade, Myles is also starting school this year.  A big bad Kindergartner!!

Madison is attending a magnet school this year, which makes her excited and nervous at the same time she said.  It's the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy--  I know LONG NAME.  We only visited the school twice and from the parent orientation I attended it seems as though Madison will definitely be challenged this year.  Which I think will be very good for her.  Sometimes Madison gets a little complacent with things coming so easy for her. it will be a nice humbling experience for her.  I mean- we all need those at times.  This school also goes from 6th to 12th grade, which I think is pretty cool.  And she thinks is scary haha.  She is responsible kid with a great head on her shoulders, so I have nothing but confidence that she will do great and shine in this new adventure.

Myles is attending the local public elementary school this year.. Oliver Ellsworth Elementary.  We went to an open house for him yesterday where he was able to actually take a quick ride on the school bus and meet his teacher, Ms. Bartholomew.   He seemed a little anxious at first, but I also think he is a great kid and will do amazing.

This morning ALL 3 kids were up a little earlier than necessary-- I enjoyed it because I didn't have to rush anyone, but I know that excitement will soon end!  Mayci was upset because it will still dark when she woke up so she didn't understand why people were acting like it was morning, but in the excited rush of everyone, her mood lightened pretty quickly!
Lisa showed up quite early so she could walk with both kids to the bus stop.  Yup-- I walked my 6th grader to the bus stop.. Mainly because she said it was okay seeing as how her bus stop is sort of far away and we wanted to make sure she was in the right spot.  Unfortunately because of how late the buses run on the 1st day of school, I wasn't able to see her get on her bus.  We had to start heading to Myles bus stop before Madison's bus came so Lisa stayed with Madison and met up with us for Myles.  Mama and Popup happened to be driving to the house to come to see Myles off and drove past Madison and were able to wish her well on her first day :)

Myles got on the bus like a trooper!  I started getting that nervous butterfly feeling when the bus was pulling up... but Myles?  Nope.. he got right up to the end of the sidewalk, waiting for the bus door to open, and climbed right on!  He sat in his seat, waved, and even blew kisses..and off he went!!  My heart sank a little as the bus pulled away--  My only son, my LITTLE boy, is in school.  That leaves me with one more "baby" and she isn't even a baby anymore.

Speaking of Mayci, I was extremely nervous that she would have a little meltdown when Myles go on the bus and she realized that she wasn't going with him.  She surprised me though, she waved, blew kisses back, and kept moving.  It didn't even seem to really phase her in the slightest.  She was leaving with Mama, so I grabbed her lunchbox, gave it to her, and she was off to go to her "school".  So far, so good---- but it has only been 2 hours :)

Mayci in Mama's car on her way off to "school"

**tears** Myles bus getting further and further away :(

Myles was so fast, here he is halfway on the bus with his Super Mario Bros backpack

Waiting at her big brothers bus stop

My handsome boy-- he picks out his own clothes and yes-- he likes his socks pulled up like that :)

Myles and his friend Anisa-- also our next door neighbor-- she is experienced a the whole school things, she is a 1st grader

Walking o his bus stop

Madison at her bus stop

Walking to her bus stop

Mommy and Mayci doing their cool poses

Mommy and Myles

Mayci sort of thinks she is going to school also!

Auntie Lisa, Mayci, Daddy, and Myles walking t Madison's bus stop
Lunches packed and ready to go!

Madison and Mayci playing on a bus while Myles is taking a trial run on  another bus

Mayci's first time on a bus--nope..not going to school, she was just testing it out at Myles school at the Open House

*******************FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL UPDATE*************************
Madison said she had a great day.  Didn't really make many friends today because she said she was so focused on trying to take everything in.  I honestly think the highlight of her day today was lunch .. because she learned that there are 2 microwaves that she can use for her food, so now she has even more options when bringing lunch hahaha... it's the little things sometimes.
Myles was so tired when he got home that he didn't have much to report.  He did tell me that he made a friend..a boy.  No girl friends yet.  He also told Damian that there are Lego's in his classroom, but he did not get a chance to play with them.  The only other piece of information that I was able to drag out of him was that his bus driver "drives crazy" and is mean.  lol-- I guess the bus driver had to tell him to sit down when they puled up to the school because Myles immediately got up to get off the bus, but the bus driver was still going over instructions.  He said the bus driver said, "Young man, sit back down," HAHAHA.. I explained to him that his bus driver wasn't mean, that there are rules that he has to follow.  i asked him if he sat down after being told and his response was, "Of course, really seriously, I don't want to ever get in trouble"
All in all it seems like day 1 of school was a success for both of them!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend in Review August 22-August 24, 2014


Not too much to report from this weekend.  Truly a low key, uneventful time here in the Curtis Household.  No pictures of the kids, no fun activities with them, nothing.

On Friday, I took the day off so I could bring Madison to her 4 hour new student orientation at HMTCA (Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy).  She was so nervous, but by the time I picked her up, she was feeling a whole lot better about the entire experience.  She had even made friends with someone!! 
Damian was also off so he hung out with little ones and took them to dentist for me.  Don't worry-- Madison has an appointment this week, so she isn't the forgotten child haha!!  I do normally try to book them together, but they made a mistake and her name wasn't added on and then the time they were able to add her on for didn't work.  Ummmmm--- I have no idea why I felt the need to explain that you :) Myles and Mayci still stayed at Mama and Popup's as they have been every Friday...they even had a sleepover with Angelina and Abigail.  I do think that with the school year starting, the weekly Friday sleepovers will be decreasing. 

On Saturday there wasn't too much going on.  In fact, because of some miscommunication, Madison missed a family friend's birthday party.  And then... if I hadn't already screwed up enough.. I feel asleep after putting Mayci down for a quick nap that they missed the 2nd half of that same friend's birthday party. :(  I know-- an EPIC FAILURE-- but I plan on making it up to said friend!! I felt horrible. 
Juliana's birthday continues....last weekend double sleepover....this weekend sleepovers, the drive in and now Marilyn Vizcarrondo
Madison at Six Flags with her friends celebrating Juliana's 12th birthday!!
On Sunday, we also had no plans.  I was scheduled to run in a 5K in Old Wethersfield with Jen...and-- that was a great time!  This was my 2nd 5K-- the 1st one that I was actually giving myself goals for.  When we first got there and the weeks before I said I just wanted to finish it-- but then I started saying to myself, I have already finished one...and I know I can finish it even if I had to walk.  So then I changed my goal to finish in under 40 minutes.  Then I realized that I would rather push myself to run, so I changed my goal yet again to just running the entire thing regardless of the time.

Let me tell you-- I really enjoyed the environment of this 5K-- running through the town, people outside with signs for both family, friends, and strangers.  It is so motivating... especially when you are not a strong running like myself.  Hearing those words of encouragement really help me out. 

I am happy to say that I completed the entire 3.1 miles and ran the whole way.  I have trouble maintaining one speed and definitely slowed down to an almost crawl like pace towards the end-- but I RAN!  I completed my goal!  When I thought the finish line was a little closer than it really was, I tried to pick up my speed and "sprint"-- but I underestimated how close the finish line was and sort of felt like I was going to throw up, so I resumed my slower pace and just kept on trucking.  My finish time was 38:55...UNDER 40 MINUTES!!  So both goals completed-- and with practice and perseverance, I know that I can drop that dramatically.  I felt accomplished and good after the run once I could breathe again. 

I posted a status about knowing that I wasn't a true "runner" but that I felt great because it is a step closer to where I want to be.  And one of my FB friends, who was one of Damian's college roommates, wrote the nicest thing under that post:
Jay Grosso Being a runner isn't based on speed or distance, its based on lacing up the sneakers and getting out the door. You are every bit as much a runner as the person who finished first and the person who finished last. Great job!
After I read that... I got all teary eyed-- I have been extremely emotional lately anyway-- how true that is.  I am not super fast, I get tired easily, I want to give up almost every other step, I have alot of conditioning to do, I need to learn more about my body... BUT-- I did it!  I completed it and I survived!!  Sometimes you just need to hear things like that from other people because you drown out your own inner voice that sometimes tells you the same thing.

The Alex and Ani bracelet that I treated myself to after the race.  "It's not a sprint, It's a Marathon"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weekend in Review August 15-16, 2014

Nothing super exciting this weekend.  Pretty low key for us-- which is definitely what I prefer. 

Madison left on Thursday to go be with her friend Brianna.  On Friday morning they headed out to New Hampshire for a beauty pageant that Brianna was participating in.  As always, Madison leads a much more exciting life than the rest of us in the family.

The only real highlight this weekend for the kids was going to Brooklynn's 8th birthday party.  It was so fun.  They had a bounce house for the kids along with YUMMY barbecue food and lots of candy.  Unfortunately Madison missed out, but Myles and Mayci were having so much fun that they didn't even want to leave.  I had a good time.  I hadn't seen Brooklynn's grandmother Joan in a really long time, so it was nice to see her, Brooklynn's uncle Jay, and Brooklynn's aunt Mocha.  Such a loving family.  Brooklynn's grandfather and other family members on her dad's side were there as well, I just didn't have much time to catch up with them.

Brooke's mother came as well, so it was REALLY nice to be able to sit and chat with her as well.  She is always so full of words of wisdom and I really enjoyed having some time to spend with her.

Brooklynn seemed to have had a blast.  Her cousins, little brother, best friend Gia and her brother Charlie, and of course Charlize were all there to celebrate Brooklynn. There was a face painter there that both Myle sand Mayci took advantage of.  Mayci didn't want her face painted so she optd for her arm...but that also ended in tears because it hurt when the stencil needed to be taken off... But she still managed to walk away with a glitter filled hand :) I decided that it might be a good time for me to leave when Brooklynn and some of her friends/cousins were getting ready to spend some time in the pool! I escaped just in time, since my little ones were just starting to melt down because they didn't have their bathing suits/trunks with them.  I managed to make a calm getaway with them, no real tantrums.

Hmmmm...I wonder what exactly Myles is looking at

Brooke and Charlize

Joan, Birthday girl Brooklynn, and Lisa--  The two Grandma's with their granddaughter-- all BEAUTIFUL ladies!!

Myles getting his face painted

Family pic minus Jermaine...   Charlize, Brooke, and Brooklynn

Face panter(I failed to ask her name), Brooklynn getting "painted" while Gia and CeCe watch... And there is also a little photobomb by Grandpa in the back :)


My #selfie with the birthday girl!!   Well, I guess it's not really a selfie then

Since Damian was away all day working, rehearsing , and then attending and playing for Tony Gonzalez's wedding/reception, I took the little ones to see my mom, dad, Amanda, and Jaida.  That has been one of our new weekend activities lately.  Plus that's the only time that we can really catch Amanda and Jaida at the house.  Damian sent me a picture of Tony and his now wife Carmen.  Oh my-- so beautiful... and they both look so happy!  CONGRATULATIONS to the Gonzalez's!!!

Myles wanted to go to church, so he went with Mama and Gloria to the 5pm Saturday service and then back to Mama's house to eat dinner and play with Pop-Up.  He can never get enough of them :)

On Sunday-- we did NOTHING!!!  I mean, I did run to the grocery store, but other than that.. Damian, myself, Myles, and Mayci were on the house. Damian and I cleaned and the kids just played, stayed in their pajamas, and relaxed. IT WAS GREAT!!  Damian left around 5p or so to head out to New York with Hell Razah, his girlfriend, and Joe.  They were going to a birthday party for another rapper, Killah Priest.  Don't mind the names... if I knew the names their parents had given them, I would have written those instead hahaha!  He was gone unil about 5 am on Monday-- I felt so bad :(
Madison got home about 815p and was exhausted.  She sat down with me and she talked about the pageant experience and how much fun she had and how different it was from how she thought it would be.  Brianna did so well.. she won for the photogenic category and out of everything got 1st Runner up!!  GO BRIANNA!!  She headed to bed about 30 minutes after getting home :) 

Here are a few pics that Damaris sent to me while Madison was with her, Brianna, and Nick in New Hampshire:

Even though this is supposed to just be a post about the weekend, I will go this week as well, .. hehehe... look at me-- living on the edge, even though it's mainly because I have a funny story that I want to tell......

Monday morning Myles had his pre screening for Kindergarten at his elementary school.  He look very nervous when they asked him to introduce himself and to smile for a picture.  The nurse took him away immediately to begin working him through the different "stations" and he already seemed happier as he was walking away.  They did a little parent interview with Damian and I and then we were reunited with Myles after.  When I got back home from work, I asked him again to tell me how his short time at the school was and what kinds of stuff they asked him. He was telling me how they were asking him colors, letters, practicing syllables, and things like that.  And then he says,:

Myles: I hope the teacher didn't get mad, I wasn't trying to tell her she was wrong

Me: Well what happened, what did you say, were you being polite?

Myles: Of course, of course (if you know Myles, you can probably imagine how he was saying this) I was polite mommy.  We were talking about the different colors and what each color was and then we got to white --- AWKWARD SILENCE

Me: Okay?  SO you got to white, did you not know what the color white looked like?

Myles: Mommy, I know my colors, but I did tell her that white isn't REALLY a color like how black isn't REALLY a color, you know, because that 's what I learned.  Do you think she is mad?

Me: (trying really hard to not laugh) nope buddy, I don't think she is mad.  As long as you were being polite and still told her the name "white" when she asked you the color, I think you did fine.  Good Job buddy!

Myles: Whew-- I was REALLY worried.

Only Myles.... oh lord-- is this what we have to look forward to?!?!

Oh... and since I am already writing, I figured I would include these few pics here as well.  As many of you have probably seen... there is this Ice Bucket Challenge going on in regards to ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease. A lot of controversy going on about this... why are American wasting so  much water when other countries struggle for clean water to drink, what does pouring ice water all over yourself have to do with anything, why would you choose to pour the ice water over yourself rather than to donate to the cause... and the list goes on.  Anyway--- Morlock School of Dance was nominated to do the challenge, so they posted on facebook that any of the dance school members could participate.  Madison said she was interested.  I explained to her what ALS was and also told her that if she was going to participate that she needed to donate as well.  She had 5 dollars and said she would donate.  And then Liz's husband, Scott, said that if anyone wanted to donate an additional $5 that they could also pour a bucket of ice water on him...and of course Madison said yes...she scrounged for another 5 and off we went. MSD also donated $100 to ALS! There is a video of Madison doing the challenge as well as her pouring the water on Scott posted on Facebook page, feel free to check it out.

Afterwards Liz, Scott, Christine, Matt, and Evaleigh were nice enough to invite Madison to stay with them and go to Sweet Frog while I went for a run with Jen.  Thank you so much for including Madison and making her feel special.  (I don't even think they read my blog hehe)

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!