Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend in Review August 22-August 24, 2014


Not too much to report from this weekend.  Truly a low key, uneventful time here in the Curtis Household.  No pictures of the kids, no fun activities with them, nothing.

On Friday, I took the day off so I could bring Madison to her 4 hour new student orientation at HMTCA (Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy).  She was so nervous, but by the time I picked her up, she was feeling a whole lot better about the entire experience.  She had even made friends with someone!! 
Damian was also off so he hung out with little ones and took them to dentist for me.  Don't worry-- Madison has an appointment this week, so she isn't the forgotten child haha!!  I do normally try to book them together, but they made a mistake and her name wasn't added on and then the time they were able to add her on for didn't work.  Ummmmm--- I have no idea why I felt the need to explain that you :) Myles and Mayci still stayed at Mama and Popup's as they have been every Friday...they even had a sleepover with Angelina and Abigail.  I do think that with the school year starting, the weekly Friday sleepovers will be decreasing. 

On Saturday there wasn't too much going on.  In fact, because of some miscommunication, Madison missed a family friend's birthday party.  And then... if I hadn't already screwed up enough.. I feel asleep after putting Mayci down for a quick nap that they missed the 2nd half of that same friend's birthday party. :(  I know-- an EPIC FAILURE-- but I plan on making it up to said friend!! I felt horrible. 
Juliana's birthday continues....last weekend double sleepover....this weekend sleepovers, the drive in and now Marilyn Vizcarrondo
Madison at Six Flags with her friends celebrating Juliana's 12th birthday!!
On Sunday, we also had no plans.  I was scheduled to run in a 5K in Old Wethersfield with Jen...and-- that was a great time!  This was my 2nd 5K-- the 1st one that I was actually giving myself goals for.  When we first got there and the weeks before I said I just wanted to finish it-- but then I started saying to myself, I have already finished one...and I know I can finish it even if I had to walk.  So then I changed my goal to finish in under 40 minutes.  Then I realized that I would rather push myself to run, so I changed my goal yet again to just running the entire thing regardless of the time.

Let me tell you-- I really enjoyed the environment of this 5K-- running through the town, people outside with signs for both family, friends, and strangers.  It is so motivating... especially when you are not a strong running like myself.  Hearing those words of encouragement really help me out. 

I am happy to say that I completed the entire 3.1 miles and ran the whole way.  I have trouble maintaining one speed and definitely slowed down to an almost crawl like pace towards the end-- but I RAN!  I completed my goal!  When I thought the finish line was a little closer than it really was, I tried to pick up my speed and "sprint"-- but I underestimated how close the finish line was and sort of felt like I was going to throw up, so I resumed my slower pace and just kept on trucking.  My finish time was 38:55...UNDER 40 MINUTES!!  So both goals completed-- and with practice and perseverance, I know that I can drop that dramatically.  I felt accomplished and good after the run once I could breathe again. 

I posted a status about knowing that I wasn't a true "runner" but that I felt great because it is a step closer to where I want to be.  And one of my FB friends, who was one of Damian's college roommates, wrote the nicest thing under that post:
Jay Grosso Being a runner isn't based on speed or distance, its based on lacing up the sneakers and getting out the door. You are every bit as much a runner as the person who finished first and the person who finished last. Great job!
After I read that... I got all teary eyed-- I have been extremely emotional lately anyway-- how true that is.  I am not super fast, I get tired easily, I want to give up almost every other step, I have alot of conditioning to do, I need to learn more about my body... BUT-- I did it!  I completed it and I survived!!  Sometimes you just need to hear things like that from other people because you drown out your own inner voice that sometimes tells you the same thing.

The Alex and Ani bracelet that I treated myself to after the race.  "It's not a sprint, It's a Marathon"


  1. Congrats on the 5K!!! We walk the Breast Cancer 5K every year, maybe I should try to run it!

    1. Thanks Rissa!! You should definitely try to run it.. Honestly- If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!! :)