Thursday, January 9, 2014

Umm...shouldn't you be asleep...

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but time, as away from me!

This is a quick little 9 second video that shows what Mayci likes to do after being tucked in to her "big girl" bed, which is really just a crib without one of the side rails.  I definitely think she still thinks that she is being slick and that we have yet to catch on. Just make sure you look right in the center of the video--it happens fast!! Hahaha!!  Enjoy........

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The month of December

The month of December just seemed to fly by for our family this year.  I still cannot believe that it has come to an end...WOW!!!

Mayci's month seemed to consist of the same sorts of things for her: playing, spending most of her time with Myles, testing boundaries as usual; sneaking out of her bed after being tucked in, you know..the usual 2 year old sorts of things.

Myles' December included his norms as well: basketball on Saturdays, hanging at Mama and Pop-Ups house the majority of the time, expressing his MANY concerns quite loudly for all to hear, decided he is more a deejay than he is any superhero this month. He was also introduced to the world of video games(thanks Damian) and his most current obsession: DONKEY KONG!!

Madison had a pretty normal December also: school projects, dance, school vacation, the annual Christmas Show in East Hartford for dance, oh..and did I!?

On the 7th of this month the kids and I joined Ted,Abby, and Uncle Chuck  as we have every year for the past 8 years with picking out their Christmas Tree.  It was quite a COLD morning and we went VERY early because Madison didn't want to miss out and was performing later in the day the the East Hartford annual Christmas Show.  Umm..I have to admit that I definitely had a complete MOMMY FAIL while out hunting for the Christmas Tree.  I don't know what I was thinking by not making sure that each kid had gloves and, I don't know, like a hat? So, needles to say, we were super cold which caused us all to be just a WEE bit moody and grumpy to the end of our hunt.  But int he end, Abby picked out a beautiful tree that ended up looking nice as always in their living room for the holidays.

The Christmas Show in east Hartford that Madison danced in turned out very well. She was in 4 numbers: 2 competition numbers, one dance made just for that show, and her jazz/musical theatre solo.  I thought she did fabulous, but if course she was her own worst critic.  She also told me that she felt super supported by the number of people that took time out of their day to come and watch her: Grandma Virginia, Grandpa Wayne, Aunt Lisa, Mama, Pop-Up, Damian, Myles, Mayci, her step mother Lisa, her brother Brandon, and her step brother Lou(who also got to watch his step sister dance as well).  I am always so grateful for all who support my kids int he the things they are interested in!! THANK YOU ALL!!  I didn't take any pics that night, but I know that many have been posted on my Facebook page, so you can definitely find them there if interested.

The rest of the month kind of just flew by.  Madison took an extra day off before school vacation.  She had "earned" it due to a PHENOMENAL report card and parent teacher conference. ( everyone deserves a special break sometimes)  I know that Myles and Mayci have LOVED having her home this past week and a half and will be extremely sad in Jan 2nd when she goes back to school.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were so nice for the kids.  On Christmas Eve, Damian and the kids were able to spend time with Ted, Abby, Luques, Karina, Zaccai, Julie, and Albert.  They went out to dinner and their fav restaurant for Ted and Abby's anniversary and then sadly had to say goodbye to Luques, Karina, and Julie who were headed back to the city for Christmas Day.  I was unable to see Luques, Karina, and Julie and am hoping to make more time for them in the upcoming months and plan some long weekend trips to NewYork sans kids just to "hang out" and spend quality time with each other!!!

On Christmas Day, the kids woke up super early around 630a and immediately opened gifts and went through their stockings.  Lisa, Amanda, Grandma Virginia, and Grandpa Wayne came over a little later with their gifts for the kids and to have a little informal brunch.  Then the early evening part of the day brought us to Ted & Abby's for the rest of the day for the kids 3rd Christmas.  WOW!!! Damian and I hung out with his brothers and cousins until about 3am talking, laughing, making jokes, going to the movies....the usual.  This was my first time going to the movies with all of them in over 5 years-- and I had so much fun! I think that the kids had an amazing Christmas , as always, thanks to all of the family and friends.  Our little Christmas at home was rather small this year due to finances, but the kids didn't seem to notice, and I am thinking that we may keep it that way regardless of finances from now on!!  It definitely makes the kids more grateful for all that they do get!

All in all...this holiday season was wonderful and filled with love, kindness, and family time.  I enjoyed every moment of it and can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us!!

Hoping that you all had a great holiday and would love to hear what everyone has planned for 2014!!