Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Madison reading during "quiet" time..okay, it wasn't a designated quiet time- I could never achieve that in this house,but it managed to stay semi quiet for a good 15 minutes.
 Mayci enjoying some time in her "lounge chair"

Been an interesting week and a half here in the Curtis household.  We managed to survive an entire week practically "daddy free"......not a good thing though...It was only because dear Dad came down with some weird stomach bug/virus thing and I pretty much quarantined him to the room downstairs!  But Abby and Ted (the in laws) were there to help.  Abby helped out by taking the kids earlier in the day so that way Damian could rest..and use the bathroom in piece, since that is the other place in which he spent most of his time.  The kids and I just kept ourselves busy upstairs making get well cards, reading, lounging, and of course...napping
Sunday Jan. 22, 2012

We decided to host a dinner for my parents and sisters at our house.  What a success! Thank God for such an amazing family.  They came over..my mom, Lisa, and I enjoyed one another's company, while Amanda played with the kids, and my dad and Damian watched basketball.  What a life.  I felt like such an accomplished mom, wife, daughter, and homeowner.  I am slowly learning to cook more and more and definitely working on my housekeeping skills.  Uugghh....that sentence just made me feel like such a slob.  No, but really...I tend to let the housework go until the last minute, but I am really getting better.  I have some plans for this house, but refuse to even start into them until I get this place in some kind of order.  I mean, we moved in at the end of August and I haven't even painted the bathroom or Myles room yet and the basement is no where near what I want it to be!  But anyway....dinner with the family was so nice...since my dad's 55th birthday was the following Tuesday, I made him a small cake and we sang Happy Birthday and had him blow out his candles......I also decided to start a new tradition....I am going to make a photo book at the end of each year outlining the highlights of the previous year.  We will host a small dinner for each set of parents separately, at which time we will give the photo book.  I am well on my way to my FAMILY TRADITIONS!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the beginning...........

Okay, so here it goes.....the crazy Michelle has finally decided to do something that she has dreamt about for a long while............I'm going to write a blog.  I have decided that 2012 is going to be the year for me. Well, not me in that I am going to be completely SELF focused.......but in that I am going to focus on developing myself......and that includes becoming a better person, mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, employee, and most importantly----working on my personal relationship with my Lord and Savior.  I say with pride that ia m a Christian and yet I continuously fall short of the glory of God.  I know that God does not expect perfection, but He definitely deserves more than I am have given Him and so does my family.  Here's to a New Year!!!

I am a "constant work in progress."  Hence the name of my blog.  I strive to be better and tend to beat myself up when I fail.  But I guess first, I should tell a little about myself.  I am mother of 3 AMAZING children.  There is Madison Renee, my 8 year old daughter, who never ceases to amaze me.  She has a great spirit and is a little dramatic(she gets it from her Momma) and VERY creative.  She is currently in the 3rd grade....She plays the violin, the piano, loves to sing...but Madison's main focus: DANCE!  She is in her 5th year of dance and her first year of competeition,.  SHe performs in tap, jazz, ballet, and modern.  I know she is mine, so I may be alittle biased, but I defintiely think that she is FANTASTIC at all she does.

Then there is 2 year old Myles McCoy.  What a character my little man is.  He is very indeoendent, aside from the fact that he will be 3 in April and absolutely REJECTS potty usage.  I know, I know...I better get on the ball...I'm working on it, I swear!!  This little boy is so smart!  He is set in ways and tends to be quite stubborn...but I think it truly makes him the little boy that he is right now.

And LAST, but certainly not least, is 5 month old, Mayci Dai.  She is my little blessing in disguise.  She might not have been a planned baby, but she MUST have been in God's plan for me and I trust HIm all the way.  She is already developing quite the personality and I am excited about sein gwhat kind of little girl she is going to become.......

My husband, Damian, was definitely sent to me from God..even though at times, I shake my finger at God and ask, WHY OH WHY!! In all seriousness, Damian is my support system...we have been married for almost 5 years and are still learning so much from and about one another.  While challenging at times, it is worth every second!!

My ultimate goal in life is to develop a stronger, closer, and more intimate relationship with God.  I would like to raise my children in the ways of God.  I strive to become the woman God has made me to be...