Monday, November 3, 2014

Weeks in Review 10/24/14 -11/2/2014-- Halloween Festivities

These past 2 weeks have been full of Halloween Festivities and silliness... I failed to do a blog post last week, so I am just going to combine all of the pics since they are pretty much all just kids in costume pics.. which have also already been posted on FB.

I dropped my phone last week and in the process of getting a replacement phone, so I did lose a couple of pics.. but I will include everything I still have:

My Altima came to the end of it's life 2 weeks ago, so here I am with the newest addition to our family!!

Dr. Graham and Dr. Brennan's Annual Halloween party:

Princess Peach and Luigi

Juliana and Madison aka GOTH girl(She started out has a Zombie princess, but changed her mind lol) and NERD

My coworker/friend Maribeth's son Nathan

Juliana and Madison-- Madison thinks she is getting too cool

Myles gave the skull a unibrow with his Luigi mustache


Mario and Luigi
Nerd Madison and Princess Peach

Luigi, Mario, Nerd, and Princess Peach

Ummmmm---- NOPE-- I didn't dress up!

Auntie Lisa with all of her nieces and nephew
R-L: Princess Peach(Mayci), Nerd(Madison), Snow White (Jaida), Lisa, and Luigi(Myles)

The kids seemed to have had a good Halloween.  We stopped by Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Wayne's house to see them, Lisa, Amanda and Jaida aka Snow White.  Jaida as always, was as cute as could be and didn't want to have anything to do with me. We then headed to center of town to trick or treat there.  Because we got there sort of late, Damian also took the kids to a few houses a couple of blocks away from our house while I went home to order pizza for dinner.
Mama and PopUp stopped by to see the kids.. they had taken the week "off" from babysitting and I think they missed the kids just as much as the kids missed them--- but they needed the break and I am grateful that they were comfortable enough to tell me that they just needed some time to themselves.
How did everyone else spend their last few weeks of October??  I would love to hear??