Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 8- August 10, 2014

Whew!!  Another fun weekend behind us.  Boy do I need to get my butt into shape.  I am still tired.

I had been looking forward to a weekend of NOTHING this past weekend, but as always-- whenever I am  confident of something, my plans change.  :)  I am learning to take these things what if it took me 31 years to realize that changing plans and spontaneity isn't a bad thing :)

Friday night, all 3 kids stayed at Mama and PopUp's house.  It was nice to have a quiet evening.  Damian was home, but was working on a music project for someone, so he and Joe spent the majority of their time down in the studio.  I still use the term "studio" loosely.  Lots of work that needs to be done down there, but it is coming along.

My only original plans for Saturday were to begin cleaning out the house.  I have come to the conclusion that we just have too much stuff and really  need to start getting rid of it-- I think that will help me maintain a less cluttered home.  I mean, do we really need like 30 towels when there is only 5 of us... and how many sets of cups, plates, and bowls does one really need.  My kids have WAY too many clothes and I might have a ton of stuff that I don't even fit into anymore.  (who am I kidding...even if I do lose the weight to fit into them again, am I really going to want to wear old stuff or buy some new stuff to reward myself )    .... ANYWAY-- I digress... I didn't get any of that necessary cleaning/purging done because we have been experiencing some new little visitors in our house.  A mouse, or two, have decided they want to be added onto our mortgage.  I didn't take this news very well-- I panicked and escaped--- FAST!!  I decided to take this opportunity to go out and get Madison her uniforms and to go spend some time with my mom, dad, Amanda, and Jaida since Madison was going to be staying over there. 
I felt safer coming home after Damian got there--- I may have been in the military- but thank you, they scare the bageezus out of me.  And clearly they knew that, because after I got home and was walking in the living room, I almost stepped on a little baby mouse, that must have been paralyzed with fear.  Damian and Myles came to the rescue.  They got him, and we walked him over to the nearby park to be released.  Poor Mayci cried the whole time because she thought we were killing her "friend".  Damian explained to her that he didn't really want to live in the house because mice belong outside. But the reality of situation is, this little mouse probably didn't survive after we let him go.. he was little and scared. I am almost positive that some other animal probably turned him into food :(

Our little houseguest as we brought him to freedom

Myles  and his mismatched shoes (note the one being on the wrong foot).. he said he was in too  much of a hurry to save the mouse that he couldn't focus on his shoes

You are free little guy--- RUN AWAY-- preferably in the direction going opposite our house

I swear my head is NOT even touching Jaida

On Sunday, we headed out to Lake McDonough, to hang out.  We got there around noon Mama and PopUp had already set up everything.  Titi Tata, Uncle Jorge, Jacob, Alex, Natalie, Juan, Christopher, Abigail, and Angelina all showed up shortly after.  Of course, Mayci and Myles got into the water almost immediately.  Damian and I were going to attempt a run, but I was having some technical difficulties(little shorts, big thighs, and sweat don't mix well- haha) so we turned it into a nice little walk instead.  Luques, Karina, Karina's dad Andres( dear Lord, I hope that I got his name right--of not my deepest apologies--not that I think any of them read this :) ), and her niece Aniyah(oh dear, I hope I spelled that right) came also.  The kids played so well together and I think that everyone had a nice relaxing time.  Damian and I went out on the boat for a little bit with the Madison, Myles, and Mayci.  So fun!  I tried to row and then Madison and I tried to tag team and row... that ended in us just going in circles hahahaha.  PopUp got us on video trying to row, so I will try to reach out to him and see if I can get a copy of that and  post it... I'm sure it is quite funny :)


Yup, Madison still worked on her Summer Reading for school while at the lake... such a studious girl!!  I didn't even tell he to.

UH OH!!  Did Karina's dad just steal my princess hat??

HA!  I stole it back!!!! :)

Sort of looks like Myles is getting sick over the side of the boat-but NOPE- I assure you..he is just leaning over hoping to find some exciting fish or other animal!!

Yup-- I wore my life jacket!!  Better safe than sorry right?!?!  Plus-- during that random time that I was rowing, I was sure the whole boat was going to flip over!!

I am pretty sure this is what you get when you ask Mayci to pose for a picture

I swear...they were having fun.. REALLY...

Madison attempt at a family #groupie   And no, I do not know why I put the hashtag symbol before the words groupie and selfie haha


I just want it on record that this is the 2nd time that I have gone to lake, played in the sand, and even gotten my feet wet. VERY UNLIKE ME!!  I am not a lake, beach, pool person.  Pretty much-- if it means that I should wear shorts or a bathing suit-- I would rather NOT be a part of it.  I am trying though.  Twice is really good for me, especially since it has been about 4 and a half years since I have last gone.  BUT, I think I have reached my quota for the year!!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and was able to enjoy some beautiful weather!!

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