Sunday, June 10, 2012


Yuck!!  I am not a huge fan of the rainy weather and so when that is what we had for most of the week...I was not a happy camper!

I am so tired today, so I am probably going to be telling you a bunch of randomness and I apologize ahead of time.  This week has been the beginning of a very "crafty" week for me.  Let me start of by saying, I am by NO MEANS a crafty person. I was the kid in art that was always told, "good effort" and my stuff was always the last to be displayed.  In fact, I am pretty sure it was only displayed because if they were showing off the entire class's projects, my feelings may have been hurt if mine was left out.  I mean come on--- you know the bottles that the teachers used to have you wrap different colored yarn around with glue?  Well mine......well I couldn't even get that right!!

But I digress--- I have been feeling very crafty lately.  I have been going on to do it yourself websites and looking things up on You Tube for ideas.  I am even going to attempt to look at that Pinterest thing.  Hopefully this is another start to something new!!

So, off to home depot I went-- I have picked out the swatches for paint colors that I want to use in Myles room and for his dresser and the bathroom.  Now it's just a matter of getting started.  And I am hoping that will be during this up coming week because dance will have died down for a little and that definitely keeps me the most busy.  I AM SO  EXCITED!!!

Some random pics from the week....

Hey, stop taking my picture and start feeding me!!

I am Captain America.........Look at my homemade shield that my big sister helped me with

Madison's train ticket from her field trip to Essex

The pile of socks that I have been struggling to actually match up!

Yummmmmmm...this sock tastes SOOOO good.............Umm, I hope it's clean

Madison's artwork that she stitched----the art teacher took a pic and sent it home because it is being displayed at LP Wilson Center for the summer...see the letter written below!!

Myles has been battling strep throat this week, so it was a little rough earlier in the week.  But now the amoxicillin has kicked in, so he is feeling MUCH better---good for him, not so good for the cleanliness of my house!

Mayci is really trying to stand on her own.  She is letting go of things more and more, and I think she will eb accomplishing it soon enough. SHe is now following her brothers footsteps by getting into the cabinets and pulling out all of my plastic containers onto the kitchen floor!! UUGGHH---if she wasn't so cute........... :)

Madison is in dance recital mode right now!!.....we had dress rehearsal yesterday and besides a few minor glitches, I think it went well!  Madison was a little sad that one of her teachers told her that she needed to dance "harder", but said she knows she will do great for recital!  I can't wait....Recital is in a couple of hours and I absolutely LOVE watching Miss Madison makes my eyes water every time.  This is her 5th year dancing, so she will be walking home with a trophy today.  I will try to sneak some pictures and post them later.....

Well I better finish getting these kids ready....I hope everyone has a SENSATIONAL Sunday!!!

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