Saturday, June 16, 2012

So, I know it is only Wednesday, but this week is really not going that great for me. I think that it is a mild case of feeling sorry for myself and it is really starting to take a toll on me.

But onto bigger and brighter things.....amidst all of this gloomy weather that has been upon us.

Madison's dance recital was this weekend.  This marks the end of the dance season for most.  But, for Madison, it just marks a small break.  She gets about 3 weeks off and then picks back up at the end of June for the Summer Session.  And let me tell you.....I think she may have found her passion.  Dance isn't just a hobby or an extracurricular activity for her. Is truly seems like something more.....and it probably helps that she is really getting better and better at it!  This recital, she danced in 5 being the competition number.  She had a few minor mishaps, but smiled through them all.  I was incredibly proud.  This was the first year that I did not have another kid with me, so it was way less hectic for me when she needed help with costume and hair changes.

But some of those parents, wow----we were in the dressing room and parents were getting all worked up if someone was in the way and their child was going to be rushing in to do a costume change, they would yell at the other kids and things like that.  I do have a sort of "dance mom" mentality, int hat I sometimes take it kind of serious.  But I try not to even let that show to Madison, because I know it's not life and death.  It also surprises me at how the parents need to be told to watch their little kids so they are not disruptive or getting into things like crawling underneath the table the the photographers video camera is on and shaking it---(I'm just putting it out there!!...)

And I must give a quick shout out to my mother...she is AWESOME( I use that word in hopes that she is actually reading this--she doesn't like the word AWESOME for some unknown reason) :)  She comes every year and sits through the ENTIRE performance with me and never complains.  And for those of you that have attended a dance recital, you can understand what a struggle that can be sometimes.

Here are my tired kids after the dance recital on Sunday!  Well, clearly only Madison is tired and the other two are ready to go!! :)  I was going to put the pic of Damian that I took up also, but her looked so tired in it, I changed my mind!!!
So enough of my bragging about Madison.  Ia m so bad about that.  I am always bragging about my kids...I am probably so annoying to other people....but oh well!!

Mayci has been trying to stand on her own more and more.  Every day I think she manages to stand a little bit longer each day.  She has yet to take even a step, but that's okay...I don't mind if she wants to stay a baby for a little bit longer--especially since she is my last one.

Myles, or should I say, Peter Parker-since that is who he is calling himself these day, has been asking me a lot about school and homework.  Abby just bought him some "workbooks" and "homework" and I have been trying to help him with something daily.  poor thing though..he gets so frustrated when he makes s mistake.  So really our main goal is helping to realize that it is okay to make a mistake and he needs to learn to take a deep breath and try again.  Awww man--I think I need to practice what I preach.

I'm praying that the rest of my week runs a little smoother!!

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