Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 26-Sept. 28, 2014 Weekend in Review

This past week as been a little crazy, frustrating, and busy for us.

~~~~DISCLAIMER-- this one gets a wee bit more into my  mind as person, as a wife, and as a mom, not all smiles, rainbows, and sunshine~~~

On Thursday I received both an email and a telephone call that Mayci had been accepted into a magnet school for PK3.  It was the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary School in Avon, formerly know as Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Elementary School.  I was so happy, but that quickly faded as I got all the forms together to begin filling them out.  Unfortunately transportation is only provided from grades K- 12 with that school and they start at 8:30a and end at 3p.  Of course I looked into the after school program.  With that there is no guarantee that your child would get in because there is limited availability and the expense would have been one that just would not have been feasible.  So we declined the placement and hopefully made some family very happy for their child in PK3!!

Myles is still going through some adjustments with school and sleeping, but it seems to be getting better daily.  He has been working on reading and we have been trying to practice sight words regularly.  Poor thing gets frustrated while writing, but he always keeps trying.

Madison is back in the swing of things with school and dance.  This week she will be running for Student Advisory President and is also hoping to audition for a musical on the 15th. She is giving a speech for her "campaign" for the Student Advisory President-- I thought it sounded great, but I may be a little biased.

Damian and I have been super busy with our own little things.  Damian's gigs, lessons, and rehearsals occupy a lot of his time.  I have been trying to maintain my sanity by running, but this weekend, that proved to be quite the failed attempt.  I also think that sometimes just the stress of trying to fit running into my schedule adds to my "craziness"

Friday night after dance, Madison stopped at grocery store, picked up some ice cream/frozen yogurt(Madison is lactose intolerant) and pizzas, headed home and fell asleep watching movies.  the little ones, as per usual, think they are cooler than us and stayed with Mama and Popup.

Saturday I went for my, now routine, morning run with Jen and then headed home to get ready for Apple Picking with the kids, Lisa, and Lisa's friend M'elisa. 

We had some car trouble before we left that resulted in buying a new battery and having Grandpa Wayne take a look at some things... but thank goodness--- he was able to get us up and running.  Normally Lisa and I take the kids to Lyman Orchards for our apple picking and Pumpkin picking needs, but decided to switch it up this year.  We headed to the Bushy Hill Orchard on Clark Farms in Granby.  A much easier ride and the kids had a blast.  Madison sort of does her own thing, Mayci just needs 1 apple to eat, and Myles is extremely particular about the apples he picks.  Mind you, he doesn't even eat apples.  But-- if he is picking an apple and it falls on the ground, then, NOPE.. he can't have it,  If it looks the least but dirty, then NOPE, that's a no go as well.  It was pretty warm on Saturday so wen ended our time at the Orchard eating apple cider doughnuts and ice cream.

I was supposed to be meeting some friends at the track to do some practices for the Fitathlon that we have coming up, so I headed home with the kids to have them change into shorts and for me to get changed. Madison ended up staying over at Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Wayne's house.  Now, I am not exactly sure what happened between my mom's house and mine, but somewhere along the way, I became very overwhelmed.  Unfortunately this feeling does not normally end well for me.  I will spare you from all of the not so great embarrassing details, but I will share this:  I was unacceptable.  I behaved in a way towards Damian that was completely inappropriate.  Now let me be very clear- the majority of what I said about how I was feeling, was true, BUT the manner in which I said it and my actions during and immediately after are none that even deserve repeating. I also don't think that either one of was saying things in a loving way or in a way that would make the other want to listen, but as an adult I need to acknowledge MY faults and mine alone. 

I allowed my anger to control me and my actions, and I need to work on that.  It's becoming so common that my apologies are no longer valid in the hearts of those I hurt.  No one deserved to be subjected to what I was dishing out in those moments, even the ones that I was mad at.  Any other ladies out there feel that this happens to them as well??

Anyway-- no the real, raw, emotional stuff is out there on the table, let's move forward.

Sunday was a pretty blah day for me.  The little ones and Damian headed down to New London to hang out with Damian's cousins.  By the time they got home, Mayci was asleep for the night and Myles was so tired.  I'm guessing they had a great time.  In the morning I was running in a 5K... not my greatest run but still felt great all the same!  My time was a little slower than usual and I did stop and walk because of some pain in my shins that seems to be getting worse.  I picked Madison up later in the afternoon, we went to the grocery store, and then just hung out at home.  Just another laid back day in the Curtis household.   Enjoy another little photo shoot of Miss Jaida:

I'm hoping everyone had a slightly better weekend than I did.. and I am praying that no one allowed their emotions to get the best of them :)

****** in case there is even any one reading this, or if anyone even cares... things are okay in our world.  The kids are happy, Damian and I have a lot of work to do, and we are committed to continue to work towards the couple we need to be******


  1. Well... first of all I want to go apple picking even though I am allergic lol. As far as Mayci's school selection, that really is annoying that they wouldn't provide transportation.... I wish they would Call Brooklynn and that it would work out with after care! You got a lot of great pics of the kids. I miss them... never see them all at once. Jaida is a doll and looks exactly like Amanda! As far as you being overwhelmed, it happens to me a lot. I don't think it is always understood the amount of energy needed no matter what to be a mom, and make sure everyone has what they need, is where they need to be, etc. I have a lot of break downs... sometimes it feels like you're doing it all alone... but being able to realize that you may not have handled a situation the best way is so important and only shows growth! You're not alone! Love this post! love you guys!

    1. Awwwwwwwwww.... we love you too xoxoxo!! Thank you for always being so supportive!!