Monday, September 22, 2014

Weelend in Review - Friday Sept 19-Sept 21, 2014

Lots of pictures from this weekend... well mainly from Friday night, but lots of pictures either way.

Friday September 19, 2014

Damian was home for the majority of the day today.  He worked on getting the window on the van fixed--that was long overdue-- and he spent some time with the little ones when Myles got out of school.  Madison has dance of Fridays this year, so our schedules are a little off.  I just wrote in my last post how we are limiting the amount of Friday night sleepovers with Mama and PopUp, but this particular Friday, Damian gave the go ahead and  the kids ended up over there after some quality time with Daddy.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO PRINCESS CHARLIZE!!  It was an honor to Charlize's 3rd birthday with her.  I will remember the day she was born on September 9, 2011, like it was yesterday.  I was blessed enough to be able to share that moment with both Jermaine and Brooke as Charlize entered the world and I can never thank them enough for letting me share such a personal moment with them.  This little girl is so special and has an amazing group of people that love and care about her.. and I am right there with them

After dropping Madison off at dance I headed over to Brooke's house so I could sing Happy Birthday to Charlize and give her her present.... Well-- that was a fail!! I definitely left Charlize's gift at my house and still have it.  I swear I will get it to her.  UUUGGGHHH-- things like that make me feel so bad!!

Enough of my failure, let's get to the exciting stuff!!  It was so nice to see Brooke, Brooklynn, Charlize, and Jermaine.  Brooke and I don't get together nearly as much as we would, through no fault of Brooke, that's all me.  So when the opportunity arises, it is always a good time.  I love both Brooklynn and Charlize as I do my own children and it is always so great to spend some time with them.  Brooke had originally wanted to have a little party, but life sort of got in the way, so she cancelled it.  When I got wind of this, I asked her of she was planning on being around on Friday, because since it was already in my planner to go over there, I still really wanted to. I guess a couple of other friends sort of felt the same way, so when I got there, Bethany(Charlize's Godmother) was there as well. And then shortly after Allison came with Kyree and Silas.  I also only see Bethany and Allison just a couple of times a year, and we always have a good time catching up with each other and each of our crazy, busy lives. 

I had to leave early to get Madison but came back right after for some cake and ice cream...  All Frozen themed of course.  Nothing else would have been good enough for Miss Charlize Zuri!!  Anthon (Charlize's Godfather) also came bearing gifts for the belated birthday girl.  Even Jermain's cousin Craig stopped by and was lucky enough to be able to share in some cake and ice cream as well.  Chachi (as Charlize is better know by many) was in her own little "Frozen" heaven. It was so cute as she opened her gifts and got excited about items and wanted to play with them right away.  She donned her Princess Anna apparel almost immediately and the only way to get her to go to sleep with out her princess dress was to promise her that she could keep it next to her while she slept. :)  Kids are great!!

"Yay Daddy.. thank you so much for my new favorite outfit"

"Mommy, don't hate that you don't have a cool wand like me!!"


Being crowned a princess

"Yes Peasant-- you MAY take my picture"

Admiring herself in the mirror

Silas trying to steal the Cran Apple Juice

Beautiful Birthday Girl

Opening my gift from My Godfather Anthon

Look at what I got!!


"Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to me!!"

Blowing out my candles

Silas trying to eat his cake in piece

Mommy was clearly playing with my dollhouse and dolls!!

Brooke was kind enough to let Madison spend the night with Brooklynn and it seems like they had a good time. Unfortunately, I had to pick Madison up fairly early, but we have a sleepover planned with Brooklynn for a couple of weeks from now, so hopefully they will have more time to spend together then.

Most everyone knows that I do not have many friends.  While I had met both Bethany and Allison through Brooke and gotten to know them more and more, I really do consider them friends.  They are great people and I have loved that we have shared experiences together.  Everyone deserves friends like the two of these women are to Brooke. I am not around quite as much as they are and know that Brooke is extremely lucky to have these two women who care about her and her children so dearly in her life!! 

Saturday September 20, 2014

As usual, since it seems to be a regular thing in my life now, I met up with Jen to go for a run! We spent most of the time walking and catching up since we both had bad weeks in regards to getting  run in.  :)

My original plan for Saturday morning was to go to the NorthWest Country Fair with the kids, take Madison to a birthday party, and go see Damian play at the Library.   And as always-- everything go switched up.  I was running way later than I had planned, never got to the Fair, and by the time I went to go get the kids to bring them to see Damian play, they were already at his gig waiting for it to start with PopUp-- I am not sure if Mama was there, I didn't even think to ask. 

So I went and dropped Madison off at her friends house and by the time I would have gotten to Damian's gig, it would have been almost over anyway, so I went and spent some time with Jaida, my mom, and dad.  this is also becoming the new weekend ritual.  We had a small little photo shoot while I was there since she actually liked me for a little while:

Ummmmm..Anutie Michelle-- I am sort of done taking pictures now

Trying some salmon tempura or something like that... Did you know that Sushi was raw fish???  OH LORD!!

Damian said he had a good time at his gig and he was extremely happy that 2 out of our 3 kids were able to make it to see him.  He even posted about it on Facebook-- he doesn't write many personal things on FB, so it may have been a little dig at me since I was there, but nonetheless he enjoyed having that moment with the little ones, so I will take it :)  Myles ended up going to New Haven with Mama for a graduation party for Damian's cousin Carissa and Mayci hung out at the park with PopUp. Damian headed out to New York for a WuTang concert with Joe and HellRazah while Madison ended her evening with her friend Naijah.  The little ones came home tired and ready to call it a night. 

Sunday September 21, 2014

Sunday was a laid back low key day for the family.  Damian had a rehearsal, Myles went to church with Mama and then came home with Daddy.  Mayci spent time with Grandma Virginia, Grandpa Wayne and Jaida, while Madison was still with Naijah.  I ran in the Union Street Tavern Trot with Jen -- a 3.5 mile run that didn't go as well as Jen and I had hoped, but all in all was still a good time.  I picked up the girls after the run, headed home and the whole family just lounged and hung out.  I took a nap and Madison cooked dinner.  Like, she really cooked dinner.  Chicken and then she did corn and green beans.  The vegetables were delicious and since I no longer eat meat, I didn't try her chicken but it smelled great and everyone ate it and said it was good!!

I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend!!


  1. Fun fact Sushimi is actually raw fish.. Sushi is sometimes raw or smoked I believe lol. You eating Sushi makes me laugh hysterically! lol

    1. Yeah-- it was a struggle for me! I did try some sweet potato sushi roll type thing that I actually thought was delicious...but it was all just too much for me!! :)