Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 5- September 14-- Two weeks in review

Oh how I wish that I had something exciting to post.. NOPE--- not even one little thing.  And I also don't think I have a single picture from this entire 10 day time period..but I will search through my phone :)

Myles and Mayci have been battling with some weird cough thing and Madison is being her typical full of attitude pre-tween self.  So we did a whole lot of nothing over the weekend...but with the first 2 weeks of school being behind them, I think Myles and Madison were both pretty tired, so they didn't even complain much as we sat around the house and lounged.

Damian and I have also decided to lessen the Friday night sleepovers at Mama and PopUps.  Because we are trying to regain structure in our home and really buckle down on the simple things like bed times and such, we figured that on Fridays they can stay home with us(or me when Damian has a gig) and we can enforce more of that structure and those bedtimes.  And that is not to say that they don't have structure with Mama and PopUp, but let's be realistic-- Grandparents rules and parents rules vary quite a bit... and we have noticed that sometimes the kids seem to forget which house they are at, or what the rules are. 

On Saturday, I was really struggling with the kids... or should I say that the kids were really struggling with one another.  There was just fight after fight and it was really starting to wear me out.  I made everyone spend some time in their rooms, thinking about their behavior(which really meant them yelling through the doors all the reasons why they didn't deserve to be there) and cleaning up.  Later that evening, we headed out to a high school in Middletown to meet up with some co-workers of mine, Katia and Michele.  They each have a child so my kids and their played nicely together while Katia, Michele, and I ran and did some "training" for the Fitathlon that we are scheduled to do on October 4th.  BEWARE for 3 HORRIBLE far away pics-- I already told you I had nothing haha!

Sunday was also a pretty blah day.  Myles woke up early with Damian and hung out with him all day at Damian's gigs... Madison, Mayci, and I  just hung out at home for the earlier part of the day and lounged around.  We did go and visit Jaida, Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Wayne for just a little bit. Unfortunately Amanda had to work, so we missed her.  Ted called and said that he had wanted to go and see Damian play and asked if he could take the girls with him.  Madison wanted to run a few errands with me, so I dropped Mayci off to Ted and Abby and Madison and I ran to a few stores to get some necessities and go out for a quick lunch. 

Damian, Myles, and Mayci returned home later that night just in time to shower and get ready for the upcoming week.


School, work, and slowly getting into routines pretty much filled this week.

Madison had some competition practices for dance this week, but the actual dance year doesn't start for her until Monday the 15th.  She still seems to be enjoying school and is making new friends daily.

Myles is slowly adjusting to Kindergarten.  He seems to be having the hardest time with the fact that he does not spend as much time with Damian anymore.  He has had several meltdowns because "Daddy is working too much and needs to start saying no to his gigs so he can be home with me and cuddle and play"  I spent a lot of time this week explaining to him that Daddy loves him and misses him too, but has to work so that we can keep our house and be able to get him the Legos that he loves to play with. Myles' response, "Well then I don't want the house anymore, then can he stop working so much?"  Oh how I wish it was that simple.  basketball will be starting soon, and I am hoping that Myles will still want to play because then it will give him something to look forward to, I hope.  We have Open House at his school on the 18th so I am also hoping to meet some of his classmates parents so that I can maybe begin to arrange some play dates.  Myles just needs some distractions and to start spending time with other kids his age outside of the school environment.  I feel this will be so beneficial to him.

Mayci, well she is just Mayci.  She is her same old spit fire self. Miss Sunshine has adapted well to not having her big brother around her ALL DAY long and I think she is rather enjoying her alone time with Daddy and Mama.  She isn't really napping as much anymore and has done EXTREMELY well with going to the potty.  We do still have some middle of the night accidents(which I am not used to because the other 2 rarely had accidents), but I would still consider her fully potty trained.  Yes, she also has accidents during the day, but they are few and far between.  We are having some trouble with doing #2 in the toilet, but we just keep encouraging!!

Damian has been incredibly busy with gigs and rehearsals.  We have only been seeing each other in passing. He is coming to bed just a few hours before I am getting up to start my day... but that's okay-- eventually OUR TIME will come and I will continue to try hard to be patient :)


This Friday was a happy Friday for the kids. All 3 stayed at Mama and PopUp's house.  Damian had a gig and I had plans with some co-workers.  I had taken Friday off due to having some overtime, but didn't end up getting anything on my TO DO LIST done.  I did however clean up a little and rest ALOT.  I even took a nap before the kids came home from school.  I had gotten up and met Jen for a run around 7a and when I returned home Damian had been getting ready for work and decided to take Mayci with him.  So I really had a day to myself for the most part. 

Saturday morning Jen and I met yet again at 6:30a for a run.  We are getting pretty consistent with our runs!! Myles hadn't been feeling great when they went to Mama's house on Friday so I went to check on him fairly early.  By the time I had gotten there, they had already made plans to go for a nature walk and hang out, so I left them to it.  I ran to a few stores and then headed home.  The kids ended up hanging out there ALL day and I think they even got see Albert, Zaccai(both of which were in the area because they had a gig later that evening according to Facebook), Titi Tata, Dalila, and Uncle Jorge while they were there. 

Damian was one again-- BUSY BUSY BUSY!! And when he was home, he was holed up in the studio working.  By mid day on Saturday I started feeling pretty lousy, so I spent some time with some tea trying to rest.

Sunday, I was still feeling lousy so I cancelled my morning run and was hoping to sleep in. Damian had to leave fairly early for a gig and once the kids were wide awake they stated asking if we could go to a few stores.  Since we were in need of a new DVD holder for the playroom, I figured that we might as well get out of the house and maybe that would keep my mind off of how "blah" I was feeling.  So the kids were getting themselves together while I stopped argument after argument between them.  We have been having a little issue with some mice in our basement, but Damian told me that we got one in the trap on Friday so I was having pretty positive feelings that the mouse issue may have been behind house. 

Well---- maybe I was too optimistic too fast!!  I won't go into a ton of details, but lets just say we had a little visitor on the main floor of our house and since Damian was out, there was a lot of jumping, screaming, panicking, and there may have even been some tears(they weren't mine, I promise)  Thank goodness for the other man of the house, Myles, because he was brave enough to trap the mouse under a container for us scaredy cat girls!!  I immediately called Ted, who was so nice and rode his bike over to the house to help remove it.  One of the lovely perks of living so close to Damian's parents!!!!  The kids and I ran some errands and visited with Jaida and Amanda after all of our excitement.....

With dance picking up for Madison and Mayci and basketball starting for Myles.. I am pretty sure that  will start to have more interesting posts and maybe even some pictures.
I also plan to start getting back in to my MakeUp of Michelle blog as well sine I have been working out and eating better lately and I am hoping to use that blog to help me track my progress and keep me motivated,  Please feel free to check that blog out at MakeUp of Michelle.  I promise there will be some new posts on there by the weekend!!

I hope that everyone has been having a great September and is transitioning easily into the Fall Season!!!!

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