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Weekend in Review 10/17/2014 - 10/19/2014

I think we can officially say that warmer weather has said its goodbyes.  This weekend was one of the first that was nice and cool and more in tune to what it should be for the middle of October.  While I am not a huge fan of the super cold weather, it was nice to have some of the cooler weather here reminding us of my favorite time of year-- Late fall into Early winter.(Beginning of October through Thanksgiving)

Earlier in the week, Madison auditioned for a role in her school's upcoming musical, Once Upon a Mattress.  I promised her that I would include in this post, that she did get a part. She will be playing Lady Beatrice.  I don't know anything about the musical other than that it is along the storyline of the Princess and the Pea.  Madison isn't sure what her part entails or much more, but as I find out dates of the performance, I will be sure to keep friends and family posted!

Myles has been suffering from a mild ear infection this week.  No antibiotics though, the Dr is confident that it is clearing up on its own.  Myles doesn't seem to be letting it get him down too much.  He truly only complained about his ear once all week.

Mayci, is well, Mayci.  Her potty training issues with going #2 are still very much present.  I am working on being more patient with her, although she may think that I am being mean when we have our little "discussions" about the importance of using the toilet for EVERYTHING!!

Friday was one of those days where everyone had plans. Well, everyone except Damian.  I find that whenever Damian doesn't have anything planned-which is rarely- I ALWAYS have things planned.  Ugghhh-- are schedules never seem to mesh, especially recently. 

Madison, of course, had dance and was then supposed to head to Six Flags for Fright Fest with Tara, Juliana, and Josh.  Unfortunately traffic had other plans in mind, so they ended up at the movie theater in Enfield.  And because I am such a lousy mom, I cannot for the life of me remember what movie they saw.
Myles and I attended his Movie Night at school.  We ate popcorn, had pink lemonade, watched the Winnie the Pooh Heffalump Halloween Movie, and looked at books that might interest him at next weeks Book Fair.  I dropped him off to Mama and Popup where Mayci already was(hmmm- why didn't I bring her to the movie night?) and was supposed to be heading out to Bethany CT to a Haunted House to meet up for a girls night with some co workers.  Traffic and timing were a little out of control, so I, like Madison, ended up not making it to my final destination and just headed home.  Damian was home working on some music, so because I had a 5K in the morning, I called it a pretty early night,

Saturday morning, the kids, Lisa, and I headed to South Windsor for the Witch Way 5k that I was running with Jen, her girls Angie and Emily wanted to show up early and ran the mile fun run as well.  Since I wasn't to always be honest, I hadn't run in like 2 weeks and was SOOOOOO NOT looking forward to this run.  It was cold and windy and I was tired with a headache.  I ended up finishing the run over a minute faster than my original best time.  It was still slow, but gosh darn it, I see it getting easier and I can see the improvements I am making, so I will take it. 

BEFORE the run
DURING the Run-- at about a mile and half-- and yes, my smile was forced because I knew Lisa was taking the picture!
AFTER the run-- and Myles was SO excited because he photobombed us!! haha-  Too bad running doesn't take pounds off of your arms immediately-- I am really going to have to start working on that area!

Myles and Mayci even ran that last .1 or so with me... it was so cute!  Lisa, the kids, and I headed to Foster Farm to pick up pumpkins and just enjoy the environment.  As I was getting out of the car, I realized that I had messed up my knee somehow and was pretty uncomfortable...but I pushed through!  It was quite chilly and of course I was still dressed for my run, but I had a good time.  The kids each picked out a pumpkin and went through the little kid corn maze with Lisa.  Lisa and I have tried to make a tradition out of going to the pumpkin patch with the kids, and while it was nice to go somewhere different, we decided that we definitely want to stick with Lyman Orchards here on out for our pumpkin patch needs!
Lisa, with her extra large head of cabbage from the little Farmer's Market at the Run!

Myles, Madison,and Mayci with their pumpkins-- Dear Mayci, please take the juice box out of your mouth for the picture!

In the corn maze with Lisa-- I still can't believe that I have NO babies left- and look how grown Madison looks!

Morlock School of Dance was hosting a movie night for the dancers so of course Madison wanted to go.  I had plans to go out to dinner for Tara's birthday, so Damian took the little ones to the mall and I headed to Agave in Hartford.  It was such a nice time and felt good to be able to relax a little bit and enjoy some time with adults.  Sometimes I feel like I am always around the kids or at least one of the them, that I miss the kid free interaction with adults.  because I am a sucker, I also ended up at the Revolutions bowling bar/lounge place as well.  Lots of laughter and silliness... but no bowling for me, since I wasn't originally planning on ending up there and had no socks  with me.
Birthday girl Nicole, Marilyn, Birthday girl Tara, Me, Cara, and Heather (Revolutions)  -- Picture courtesy of Joel, Nicole's hubby!

Sunday was a pretty laid back day for the kids and me.  Damian had a wedding to play at later in the day, but the whole family slept in.  I know, I made a plan to get us back to church (the kids and myself) on a regular basis, but we needed that sleep time.  ALL OF US!!  Today, the dance school was hosting a craft day, so I brought all 3 kids.  They made magic potion, slimy glow in the dark goo, and milk carton jack o lantern scary faces.  Oh my word, it was a small group of kids, but they had so much fun.  At then end all the little ones were running around in the dark with their glow sticks.  Thank goodness for such awesome dance teachers like Liz and Christine!

Making their magic potion:

Myles magic potion

Mayci's magic potion

Madison's magic potion

Making their glow in the dark slimy goo:

Making their milk carton "creations"- they were supposed to be Jack O Lanterns- okay... well I only have Mayci & Myles' before they were completed because I dropped my phone and couldn't get the camera to work lol:


Hope you all had a GREAT cool weathered weekend!

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