Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week in Review Sept 29, 2014 - October 5, 2014

I swear, these weeks keep getting weirder and weirder for me.  We are now a month and a half in to the school year, and honestly, I thought I would be in a better groove by  now.  For some strange reason, not known to me to me, I cannot seem to get my butt together.  I have been having a hard time getting up and at 'em in the morning and getting my time management skills in order.  This leaves me feeling extra stressed, irritable, and tired at the end of each day.  No melt downs for me this week, so I guess that means it was a pretty good one!

Madison had a pretty exciting week.  She was running for President of her Student Advisory class.  She had to give a speech on Monday and by Tuesday morning, she found out that she won!  She was so happy.  I think the position is only for a couple of months so that more of the kids have the opportunity to go through the election process.  I don't care how long it is for.  I am so proud of Madison for making goals and doing the necessary work to attain them.  She also got her first progress report this week.... All A's!!!!  Go her!

 The last exciting thing for her is that she is preparing for her audition to be a part of the musical at her school, Once Upon a Mattress.  Actual auditions are being held on October 15th  - she has been annoying me practicing in the car quite a bit!!  She also explained to me that while she is trying out for a lead role, she understands that she may not get it, but hopes to be in it in some kind of way regardless of the role.  Only time will tell.

Myles is well into his routine for school, but still having some difficulties with the fact that he doesn't see Damian as much as he used to.  Every day that we get to the house and Damian isn't home, Myles melts down and it takes him quite a while to calm down/relax.  Eventually this too shall pass -- he informed me last night that he can't live with just me :(  When I asked why, he said, " because you yell too much and I just like daddy more" :(  Broke my heart and I could feel my eyes start to water, but I quickly took a deep breath, regained my composure, and responded, "Well, it's a good thing that you live with both me and daddy then.  Sometimes Daddy's work makes him have to be out of the house at weird times, I know you miss him, just know that he misses you too and when he gets home, I will tell him to go cuddle with you if you are asleep."  Myles reminds me daily of my faults, and while I sometimes get angry with him because of it, maybe it is a good thing to get those little reminders.  Maybe I need to hear him say things that cut me just alittle so that I can see how my reactions affect the whole family. 
Myles also had a little trouble on the bus this past week with a girl and a little boy who he thinks is her brother.  It ended with me reminding Myles that sometimes, even when we aren't trying to, out words hurt people and their family members feel like they need to protect them.  I also reminded him that when he sees these specific children again that he needs to apologize and mean it.  Not sure yet if the apology has happened yet, but I haven't heard any more stories, so hopefully all is well on the bus again.

Mayci is, well she is Mayci.  No huge exciting things for her this week.  She has been having a lot of overnight accidents(peeing in the bed) but we are taking that just one day at a time.  I know it will get better.  She also really seems to be enjoying dance class every Monday.  It gives her the chane to wear "princess" clothes, so she gets very excited.  Her behavior isn't always the best, but we are working on that as well.

This weekend Damian was out of town.  Friday he was playing at a CD Release party in New York and on Saturday, if I understood correctly, he flew out to Pittsburgh for a gig Saturday night.  He didn't get home until about 830p Sunday night and Ted made sure to warn me about how exhausted and tired he would be, so I left him alone and let him do his thing.

Friday night, the little ones stayed with Ted and Abby Lisa picked Madison up from school, brought her to dance, and her spend the night at her house.  I attended a wedding for a friend/coworker, Janelle.  What a nice wedding and both Janelle and Chad looked amazing and so very happy.  It was nice to be able to keep my mind off of the things that have been bothering me.  I danced, laughed, and genuinely had a great time with friends and coworkers.  I got home to an empty house around 11:45p.

I mean who doesn't take at least 1 selfie at a wedding !!

The lovely couple's first dance

Saturday morning, I was running(ummm... honestly I mostly walked between the obstacles) in a Fitahlon with Jen, Katia, and Michele at Manchester Community College.  SO MUCH FUN!! I was still pretty tired from the night before, and didn't actually run as much as I should have, but managed to have a really good time.  I am actually still sore from it today as I write this.  This obstacle course sort of thing consisted of things like calisthenics, rope pulls, wall climbing, ruck sack carrying, tire flipping, over/unders; chain pulls, etc.  Needless to say- it was quite the workout.  Note my scarf in the pics... it is now designated as my workout scarf-- I wear it to every race!

Mama and PopUp ended up taking the little ones to New Haven for a going away party for one of Damian's cousins and then when they were bringing them home decided they wanted to keep Myles with them.  Madison was staying at Jen's house for the night and I hung out at Jen's for little while, cleaned, and ran some errands.  Mayci and I watched some movie that she picked out before calling it a night-- wu-wu-wubzy or something like that lol

Sunday, the little ones and I went to church, Madison had a Mindful Practice Dance Workshop, and then Abby took the little ones to a birthday party.  We all ended up meeting back up at the house just in time for the little ones to go to bed.

You may notice that I didn't have the little ones very often this weekend, and please don't judge me.  With Damian out of town, I think sometimes Ted and Abby feel they need to "help" me by taking the kids off my hands for a little while.  And while that is not entirely the case, sometimes I let it happen because I know the kids will have more fun with them and they don't really like hanging out with me much.... but don't worry-- I am trying to fix that. 

I hope you all had a fun filled weekend!!!  Here's to a great week!!


  1. Love the wedding pics! Didn't notice the details on the dress when you showed me that night! very pretty! Love your socks.... and I think now I want tall socks for when I work out lol (Target sells them). I yell too much too... and I'm also working on that.... but Jermaine has been a huge help lately around the house which is an instant stress reliever! I bet you're having issues waking up b/c of the weather... like I swear it's harder to get out of bed when it's colder lol! I would have liked to see some pics of you actually doing the obstacle course... I like to see the struggle lol... I gotta sign up for one of those soon! I get jealous that you don't do all that stuff with me but whatever, still love you (side eye). Don't apologize for anything you do. You're not perfect nor do you pretend to be. None of us are and no one should be judging you! Love your blogs! Love you! Love that you've been running.. xoxoxoxo

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......... Brooke I love you too!!! xoxoxo!! The tall socks are compression socks to help me with my shin splints... takes me an hour to get them on, but well worth it!! I know, I wish that we had pictures of us doing the obstacles also.. I think some may come out on the website because there were photographers along the way, if I find them I will def let you know!! We should do something like Mudderella or something together :)!! And as I always say, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOu for all of your support. I should be posting my first before picture and workout style post on makeupOfMichelle next week-- you inspired me when we were talking.

    2. hahah I remember when everyone made fun of my compression socks lol Those are cute though! I still have circulation problems and no clue why... Now I'm all into workout clothes.... I'm a mess lol. Yah we have to do something! And you know it! Love these blogs b/c I love reading real life situations!