Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekend Recap May 16 - May 18, 2014

Just a normal run of the mill weekend for all of us this past week.

Friday, as usual, Myles and Mayci spent the night at Mama and Pop-Up's house.  Because Madison is older, she sometimes chooses to not stay and this was one of the Fridays.  Okay, well all of the kids get a choice, but for the most part Madison is the only ones that chooses to exercise that decision making ability.

Damian had a gig Friday night so he was out of the house for the evening.  Madison and I lounged around and watched videos and then had a surprise visit from Auntie Lisa.  I actually fell asleep before Madison, so when Damian arrived home, both he and Madison put on a movie and watched it together.  Madison told me later, that she was so happy that she had some one on one time with Damian.  I don't think I ever told him, so hopefully he will read this because I know that would make his day!!

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL!  We woke up with rain, rain, rain, but by the time we were ready to start the day.. the sun was shining and the air was the perfect temperature.  Madison had dance and Damian had to work(both the norm for for the earlier part of our Saturdays) so we met back up afterwards and took a family trip to Home Depot.  Damian was working on trying to fix some little issue we were having with our living room lights and I have made my mind up that I am now ready to take care of some plants and possible even start a small garden in the backyard.  Madison helped me pick out some plants (3 to be exact) and Damian got whatever the heck it was that he needed.  Madison is also hoping to be able to paint her room soon, so we came home with SEVERAL paint swatches for her to make decisions on.  Mayci and Myles were so excited to be able to ride in the "car" cart thing that Home Depot had so that kept them busy for the trip.

I posted this one on Instagram and FB over the weekend-- sorry for the repeat!!

Madison and "Auntie" Lisa---  these two have such an amazing bond. This pic captures their closeness

Lisa had been spending the day at Rentschler Field for the America Cancer Society's Relay for Life walk in honor of a friend's mother, so Madison and I headed out to join her for a little to show our support.  She had a goal of walking 20 laps and by the time we got there she had walked 11.  We walked 3 with her, stayed for about an hour, and then headed back home so Madison could prep her costumes for dance picture day on Sunday.  Lisa did tell me though that she finished all 20 laps and is still recuperating hahaha!!
Madison and I perfecting our #selfie game, all while supporting a good cause!!

Yup-- that's an orange!! haha

Sunday morning I woke up fairly early because it smelled like the house was on fire... pretty scary-- especially when right after I woke up, Damian woke up saying the same thing.  After walking around the entire house and investigating, it turns out that the engine on our old Sump Pump had burned out-- literally burned out.  It smelled like the house was going to explode.  But everything worked out and before going to work Damian was able to run back to Home Depot, buy and install a new sump pump---there goes some of that savings money were working on!!  The house is just now starting to NOT smell like fire.  the kids were oblivious to everything and spent the day playing outside and getting on my nerves.

Madison had picture day at dance on Sunday so she had to head over and spend about 4 hours changing in and out of costumes and switching her hair up for each routines picture. That's always an extremely hectic time and I am just grateful it is over.  Madison and I  always seem to show our worst sides to each other in circumstances like that :(  But we pulled through-- as always!!

We ended the weekend the same as always, playing video games, getting ready for the upcoming week, and cracking jokes!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend also.

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