Monday, May 19, 2014

Someone turned 5!

Mr Myles McCoy Curtis turned 5 on Sunday April 27, 2014-- I know, I know...this is a super late post!!  Where does the time go?? I do believe I ask this question at each of my kids birthdays.  WOW!!  I still cannot believe how much of a "little man" Myles has become.

Once again, you know, because of that horrible parent that I am, Myles did not get a birthday party from us this year.  In fact, he didn't really get anything special from us.  His cake was a store bought and he didn't want to decorate it because he was "busy" so I just scrambled to write Happy 5th on it.  I know, I know-- another chance at the Mother of the Year award down the drain!!

 This year his gift was simple... we traded in the Wii Nintendo game system that we had (which, I have to admit was actually a Christmas gift of Madison's from 2009) and upgraded to the Wii U.  I am not exactly sure of all the details and perks of the Wii U, but all 3 kids have seemed incredibly happy with it.  Madison picked out a small lego thing for Myles to build.  He sort of has a thing for legos. (Have I mentioned how much I despise the little legos-- I find them everywhere, especially underneath my foot whenever I have no socks on, but never where they are supposed to be.)

This is Myles expressing his happiness after opening his LEGO gift from Madison.  I LOVE this picture!!

Grandma Virginia, Grandpa Wayne, Lisa, Mama, Pop-up, Anastoria, Nicole, Gianna, and Isabella showed up for some cake and ice cream.  Myles was excited to have his friends over for a visit.  He got some more Spiderman stuff, a magic washcloth, and a whoopie cushion(that Madison actually broke 2 weekends ago- that's a story in and of itself).

Mama and Pop-Up got Myles a Batcave things that he has been playing with quite a bit.  And Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Wayne got him his very own tablet.  He loves it and I think it is great gift although it has been the source of some of our bedtime  disagreements recently.  That's okay though-- we are working on it.  It has recently had some issues with the power button so he has not been able to use it, but Pop-Up thinks he may be able to fix it.

On Saturday May 2nd, Mama and Pop-Up hosted a birthday party for Myles at their house.  How nice of them!  Mama of course made a Super Mario Bros themed cake that I know was the hit of the party.  Not to mention the family and friends that turned out to celebrate my precious little boy!!  I, unfortunately, was battling with some inner struggles, so decided it be best that I stay home.  I did get some cleaning done and was able to send some nice quality time with my favorite big sister, Lisa.  The kids came home late, full, tired, yet full of energy all at the same time.  Needless to say-- there was some good sleep going on in our house Saturday night.

Myles and "the boys"-- Elliott and Gilbert... these are his best friends!!

As always, let me just say thank you to all that made Myles birthday a special event for him.  He is loved by so many and while he may not always say it, I know he is incredibly grateful for all of you!!

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