Thursday, May 15, 2014

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (May 10 -May 11, 2014)

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of you Mother's out there.  I hope you all had a GREAT day/weekend!!

The weather was definitely in our favor this weekend.  The kids Saturday was filled with dance, helping Pop-Up out in the yard, bike rides, signing Mother's Day cards, making mother's day gifts, and watching movies.

Damian and I headed out late Saturday afternoon to New York. We spent the evening watching Luques play with Eddie Palmieri at the Blue Note and then Zaccai playing at FatCat.  Both performances were great as usual and I am glad Damian and I were able to get the chance to get away together for the night.  I, of course, have very limited pics but here are a couple from Luques' gig that Damian took:

Eddie Palmieri and Luques

The band, minus Eddie Palmieri

I am really trying to get better at this whole picture taking thing. I used to be so good.  And between smartphones and digital cameras, I really have no excuse.

Damian ran into several "old" friends and was able to catch up with them, and I also saw some familiar faces like Donald Harrison, Little Johnny, Lummie Span and Igmar Thomas.  It's always rare when I actually know or remember some of the people that we run into when we trek down to the city.

The kids stayed with Mama and PopUp and headed to New Haven on Sunday(mother's day) to see Mama-Ma and Mama's sisters (minus Ada who is loved and missed by all of us, and I am sure her kids were treating her EXTRA special down in Florida)

We rescue Mama and Popup from Madison, Myles, and Mayci in the middle of the afternoon so they could head to New York to spend time with both Zaccai and Luques.

We stopped briefly at Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Waynes' house to visit Grandma and wish her a happy mother's day as well.. The kids got her a card and also presented me with a balloon, card, and some mother's day coupons that Myles has informed are only valid every day until 7:00pm.

The rest of the evening was spent with the kids doing their own thing outside in the backyard(Myles and Mayci played together while Madison wrote some organizing lists), Damian working on some musical projects, and me just resting because I wasn't feeling that great.

Overall, this had been an incredibly wonderful weekend.  I hope everyone else can say the same!!

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