Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CANstruction- May 14, 2014

Madison was the part of her CANstruction team at John F. Kennedy Elementary school with some of the other fifth graders.  This group of kids was responsible for standing in front of various grocery stores to ask for donations.  These donations were used to purchase canned good of various kinds to be used for a competition.  The competition allowed for the students to work with architects and engineers to build something out of cans for a statewide competition.  These structures would be judged and awarded "prizes" at the end of the competition.  After being in display for several days, JFK would be breaking down their project and packing up ALL of those cans to then deliver them to the local Windsor Food Pantry.

The kids did a fabulous job. Their slogan was, "When the clock strikes one, hunger is done!"  Their structure consisted of an hourglass, a regular clock, and a sundial.  They won the award for " Best Structural Integrity."  The final can count has yet to be announced by the judges.. I think that do that at the breakdown of each structure.

Throughout the competition day which lasted for 4 hours, the kids were able to visit various booths and learn things about engineering, electricity, home improvement, law enforcement, and fire safety.  They were able to participate in small experiments and even take home some goodies, including a hula hoop that they were able to make out of actual gas pipes. So cool... And YES- I made one of those hula hoops as well!

As someone who has had to utilize the local food pantry for basic needs during rough times, I am incredibly proud of Madison for being involved in something that gives back to the community.  I am actually hoping that next year, her and I can both get more involved in giving back and volunteering in some way in our community.  Such a great way for children to learn to be appreciative of their blessings and acknowledge that there are those less fortunate than their own.

Madison and the teachers, architects, and engineers that made This experience possible for her
The finished product 
The other side of the finished product..isn't that so cool?
Madison and her group...TEAM 4 baby!!!

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