Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starting over..............................again! I go again!  I am not even going to begin with the lame excuses about why I haven't written.  I'll just jump right in.  I lost my motivation for a while.  Things were busy, I was overwhelmed, and because of that I gave up.  It's a really bad trait that I have.  Giving up with things get a little rough.  But I am working on that.

Did I ever mention how I love the first of the month.  Any month.  It always feels like a new beginning for me. A second chance.  Permission to just start over.  So that is what I am going to do.  I am hoping to really get into writing at least every other day, but I make no promises.  I feel like all the time I sit staring at the computer screen can be put to better use sometimes.  ( I am sure that some other people might even agree with me)

So, since November is my birthday month, I figured this was a great time to start.  Tomorrow I will post some pictures from over the past couple of months to catch everyone up and give me a a reason to clean up my memory card in my camera.

Madison, Myles, and Mayci have been doing great.  i think they are all starting to come down with colds, but other than that, they have been well.

Madison has been having trouble with her ankle for quite sometime.  I finally brought her in to see an orthopedic doctor since her xray came up normal and it seems that the tendons are separating form the bone.  This seems very common and causes a lot of discomfort.  She is trying tout a boot to wear for 4 weeks and then will be going back for an evaluation.  So for the time being, we have been taking a break from dance.  I say we because I have truly enjoyed the break from driving back and forth.  She does go on certain days so that she doesn' miss ou too much, but has also been taking entire days off also.

Mayci has finally gotten some teeth.  She is a little behind at 15 months, but the doctor told us not to worry....and sure enough---her bottom 2 teeth have arrived. Tomorrow when I post pics, I will be sure to include one of her new "chompers"

Myles is still enjoying life being Spiderman.  He has been working on his letters and spelling his name...I am hoping to get him into preschool readiness or day care by the middle of next year. Just have to get a few ducks in line!!

Damian's schedule has begun to pick back up now that the school year has started.  He has a full schedule of students, a couple of private lessons, and of course lots of rehearsals and gigs keeping him busy and fulfilled.  As far as Hip Hop producing has been going, he is working on another album and I am hoping to get a little more involved in this area of his music....  Oh and I don't want to forget...if you are looking to check out some new music...check out the CD, "Conquistador", Ed Byrne's Latin Jazz evolution.  Damian plays on this CD and it was released a a little earlier in the year.

I hope that everyones fall has started off great and that everyone made out okay from Hurricane Sandy..Until then.....


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  1. I love that you didn't make excuses. It is what it shame in not blogging, just in making excuses when you don't. :)

    The kids are just TOO cute!!