Friday, August 17, 2012

Dont worry---we are alive!!

WOWSER!!!!  The past month and a half has gone by so incredibly fast.  Between work, dance, gigs, chasing after the kids, trying to get the small car fixed, a death of someone young, the birth of a friend's baby, finally getting some stuff done around the house, reuniting with an old buddy celebrating a 1ST, and planning a small getaway for our five year anniversary,--------------Time has FLOWN BY!!!  PS----Did Imention that at the beginning of June we cancelled our cable!!!!   What a positive decision.....We are surviving quite well without it..

I will just catch up with a few quick things and then will add in some pics....too much to try to catch up on, but trust me-----life is good!!!

Hmmmmmm......lets see----Madison took 5 weeks of dance this summer.  She has just finished her 5th week and will be starting competition practices this upcoming week.  She was afforded that special opportunity of spending 5 days in NY for an intense dance camp/workshop.  This has changed her so much.  She is more disciplined and focused in the world of dance.  Thank God for her dance teachers Mrs. Liz and Mrs. Christine.  She has misplaced her camera :(, but as soon as it is found, I will be helping her upload pics and will post them, with her permission!!  She also had one more 1stthis summer.  She was in her first play ever....she was Jiminy Cricket in the Town of Windsor's production of a comedic musical called, "The Ever After."  I am so proud!!  She also had her 9th birthday at the end of June....we kept it real simple this year--just a couple of girls over for a make your own sundae bar.....

Myles is still in his spiderman phase.  Sometimes I allow it to frustrate me, but I have been working on being more patient with him and trying to understand his feelings.  He is a kid and I strongly believe that kids should be allowed to be children .... so, needless to say, if you catch us out, you may most likely see me with 2 girls and a Spiderman!!  This September Myles will be starting a dance class.  Damian and I have an agreement---he says no ballet unless Myles is playing football, so he will be taking a tap class and hopefully some tumbling in there as well.

Mayci turned 1 on the 27th of July!!!!!!  I officially have no more babies.  It is sort of bittersweet for me, especially when I think about how I will NEVER give birth again!!!! She is still full of gums and no teeth, but the pediatrician said we don't need to be worried about that quite yet.  She is pretty much exclusively walking now..which has it ups and downs.. :) .  And what a BIG girl she is...weighing a whopping 20 lbs 6oz.....Oh how I miss her new baby smell though!!

This weekend (August 3-5) Damian and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary!  Money has been tight with Damian working less over the summer,, but we still managed a last minute getaway for just the two of us.  We haven't done this in years.  I will post pics in a later post.  Please enjoy the pics from over the last month>>>>

Madison getting her birthday cake from Grandma Abby...and as always, she shares her moment with Myles and Mayci

The 4th of July sign in the driveway that Madison and Gianna designed.. car is finally being picked up to go to the garage in preparation of being nursed back to life...

Ummmmmm...Mayci--that is your birthday cake so you better start smiling....

Happy 1ST birthday Mayci, Happy acting debut Madison, and happy "we didn't want to leave you left out" Myles!!

I hope that everyone has been having a FABULOUS SUMMER!!!!

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