Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The thoughtful thirties

Monday, November 26

I turned 30 today.  Remember back when you were younger and you would begin the countdown to your birthday about 2 month out?  Yeah....me too.  But while I talked about my birthday, there wasn't an eagerness or excitement about.  No fancy countdown written on the calendar.  It was really just casual conversation.

But with all that said......I'm not one of those people that gets sad when they think about getting older.  In fact, turning 30 was huge for me.  I now feel like I am "real" grownup---whatever that term really means.  I have 3 fascinating kids, I'm married, we own a home, my family is happy and healthy, and...while I would not like to think that I am in my career, I do have a decent job that definitely helps pay the bills.  I guess it could be worse right?  And maybe I will be a little like wine and only get better with age.

Since it was on a Monday I was up in the morning to get ready for work and get Madison off to school(well, she gets herself off to school-but it sounds really good when I write it like that )  My ultimate goal was to get up a half hour earlier than usual so I could start my Jillian Michaels workout tape...but nope--that didn't happen!  Anyway--it was work, Madison's dance, and school for me.  I had decided to make cupcakes for my birthday because I sort of feel like everyone deserves cake on their special day.

To make a long story short---it was a pretty good day--one of the best ones that I have had in a while.  Work was not too stressful, everything worked out in getting Madison to dance since I had to stay a little longer at work, I was able to enjoy some quality time with a friend and do some shopping, giggling, acting silly, and catching up before class.  Just an all around nice day.

And when I got home form class at 10:30p I was greeted by Abby, Ted, and Myles (Madison and Mayci were already asleep)....there was a cake, some simple gifts, the Happy Birthday song, and blowing out of some candles.  Shortly after..Damian came home from a long day at work and rehearsal and the rest of us fell asleep.

I am so grateful to have made it to 30 years old.  What a precious gift!  These past several years I have seen several young people pass away due to the cruelty of others and unforeseen "freak" accidents...I can only sit and be thankful that I am surrounded  by those who love me and that I have been given yet another chance at another year of life.

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