Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 decades, randoms, and a few pics

Not exactly sure why I even titled this post that...but it could possibly be because tomorrow is my 30th birthday!! WOAH!!!  30?!?!?!  So cool!!  I always wanted to be 30.  I mean like even when I was only 20 and 21...I thought 30 would be such a "real grown up" I guess that means that as of tomorrow, I am officially a grown up!    WOOOOO HOOO!!

But anyway....the family survived Thanksgiving and is eagerly awaiting Christmas....well at least the kids are.  I always seem to struggle the most around the holidays.  When everyone else seems to be super happy and full of holiday cheer, I am  more closed off and to myself...but I manage to pull through like always.

I do have to say, with a sort of bragging tone, I am almost completely done with my Christmas shopping.  Thank goodness for the Internet and online shopping,  I have been doing several online purchases and always wait until they have some sort of "Free Shipping" deal..because I mean..then it is even more worth it.  Not to mention that I signed up to Ebates which has been a godsend.  I should actually be receiving my first check from several purchases within the next week.  I just got my sign on gift card to Target yesterday, which so completely made my day!

The kids had gone to get there pictures taken about 2 weeks ago and those have finally come in, minus one piece that I am still waiting for.  I will include some of them with this post, but will not be including the pics that are going on our Christmas Card this year.  I have also decided to write a Christmas Letter this year to include with our cards this year and I am super excited for that!!

It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving and our house is completely decorated for Christmas.  We chose to do 2 trees this year.  One for the living room which is strictly for decoration. And I decorated it to match the furniture that we already have in that room. (who do I think I am...Martha Stewart--hahahahah...absolutely not!! )  And the other is in the playroom that the kids got to decorate and that is the one that the gifts will go under on Christmas Eve.  Decorating for Christmas has really boosted my spirits quite a bit already and I am hoping that I can remain this way for the rest of the year and going forward.

We return to school and work after 4 days off...sort of a bummer and Madison has been complaining for the entire day about it, but hey, it is what it is.  I am just going to look forward to Christmas Eve...because as soon as I get off from work I don't go back for a full 7 days ...YIPEE!!!!!

Kids update:  Let's see...not too much exciting to report.  Madison goes back to the orthopedic doctor in another week and half to check the status of her ankle, Mayci has been continuously trying to do everything Myles is doing(that includes trying to jump off the couch only to land face first on the hard couch) and Mr Myles...well he still thinks he is one super hero after the next, but has been very excited about Christmas since we put the trees up on Friday......

Please enjoy a sneak peek of some of the pics that the kids got done 2 weeks ago!!...........

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