Saturday, June 21, 2014

First time Aunt-- June 17, 2014

I took some time off from this blog because some things at home and in my personal relationships were pre-occupying some of my time.

Now I am back in business... but I am so behind that I just posted Amanda's baby shower blog and right after I am posting this one because she's has JUST given birth to her beautiful baby girl.

OH MY WORD!!  My little Amanda is a mommy!!

On June 17, 2014 at 3:22am, Amanda gave birth to Miss Jaida Sarai Nascimento.  She weighed 6lbs 1 oz and was 19 inches long-- COMPLETE PERFECTION!!

I get that she is my niece, so I may be a little partial, but she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  I love her round head, her small eyes, her incredibly squeezable cheeks!  I have lots of friends with kids, many of which I have known since they were newborns-- and boy do I love them dearly-- just as if they were my own!  BUT--  there was something different in my heart when I walked into that hospital room as saw my little sister holding her very own baby girl. 

I melted... I got teary eyed and fought to keep the tears back.  First of all, how is it even possible that my younger sister I sold enough to have a baby? Don't worry, I know how it happened, but I am still in minor shock, lol!  It made me remember the day that Amanda was born.  And then as she was growing up, we were pretty close.. I spent a lot of time with her, babysitting her, playing with her, carting her around with me as I did things with my friends.  When she was 9, I gave birth to Madison, and when I moved out, she used to always want to come over to my apartment and play with Madison.  She babysat as she got older and sometimes would even take Madison out with her on little day trips to the mall and things like that.  Her and I would spend days together, going shopping, eating out, just hanging together-----------And the she went through the phase where family just wasn't as important to her and she didn't really want to spend as much time with us.  It bothered me at times, but I understand.  I am sure I went through phases like that also.  She just continued to grow up-- got a job, a boyfriend, her own life-- and now here she is with her own "little family",  A little one to call her own.

How amazing it was to see my sister, who has always just been my little sister, with a new title-- a woman and a mommy.  She is now in charge of someone else's well being as well as her own. 
I have the utmost confidence in her that she will be a wonderful mother.  She has always been so good to my children and they aren't even hers. 

I hope Amanda understands how happy I am for both her and Will and their new bundle of PERFECT joy!  I hope they know that I am here for them every step of the way as much as I can be and I hope to be the kind of Aunt that both her and Lisa have been to my kids.

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

Please Mayci, don't tip over the new baby!!

Madison admiring her new cousin--  don't be alarmed by the mask-- Madison was suffering from Strep Throat , and while cleared by Dr. Rifkin, we still wanted to be safe and keep the germs at a minimum.
Baby Jaida and PRO-Aunt Lisa

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