Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Week In Review 11/17/13-11/23/13

Nothing super exciting over the past week.  The kids are finally all in bed and getting ready for the fun and festive week.  They are looking forward to Thanksgiving, I thinkk, and spending time with family and friends.  Madison is super excited about only having school 2 days this week.  I actually think that she was secretly hoping that I would tell her that she didn't have to go to school, but nope-- THAT IS WISHFUL THINKING!!

My car has still been giving us some problems, but now that the check engine light has come on, I am hopinh to eventually take it somewhere and get some diagnostic tests done.  Just gotta work that into our already tight budget. Work has been incredibly stressful, but I am determined to just take it day by day and try to stay positive!

I had been attending physical therapy for my back as a preliminary step to the surgery that is probablygoign to occur, but last week I did not attend any of my sessions.  I have cancelled them due to finances and the co pay that is due evry visit.  I am just going to try and do the exercises that I have learned so far and do those until the time is better for me to go back to start the therapy yet again.  Thank goodness my Primary Care doctor understood and was on board with my decision.

Madison just kept busy with dance and school.  Her and I had several little arguments learning oppurtunities with one another due to some things that we disagree on.  I lost my cool one time during an argument, and I hope Madion will look back on these moments I realize that I only get on her, because I love her and just want her to always be her best.  I also hope that I will learn that screaming at her is probably only going to push her away instead of draw her nearer as I would like!!  13

Myles and Mayci---wow---they are like 2 peas in a pod.  I have been noticing more and more that Mayci does EVERYTHING that Myles does, but this week, it was even more noticeable. They are so funny together.  Everytime Myles speaks, Mayci is his little parrot and repeats him. I def have to catch some of the two of them interacting on film.  I'm still trying to get beter at the whole picture taking and video taker!  I really like how close they are, I pray that they stay like this for ever.

Damian was SUPER BUSY this week.  He had gigs, reharsals, studio time, recordings, meetings and much more!  I think he likes be ing busy, and I know that being busy means that he is getting his cd together, and working and gigs mean he is making money, and meetings, means he is getting exposure, but sometimes I wish he just had one day where he had nothing planned an d that we could all just stay home for the whole day as a family and do nothing but lay in the couch, eat junk, and watch movies together.

This upcoming week is Thanksgiving, so it will be a fun week for us.  Damian and I work MOn-Wednesday, and I am hoping that he has Friday off, but I forgot to ask him.  I hope to do some shopping on Friday.  Maybe not the wee hours of themorning as I had originally planned, but I am going to get some shopping in.  Then we will be putting out Christmas trees up and getting the house ready for the next holiday.... OOOOOHHHHHH---- I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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