Sunday, November 24, 2013

31 goals

As my 31st year of life is drawing near, I have made a decision to create a sort of New Years Resolution laundry list of goals for myself.  I had tried to stop creating New Years Resolutions several years ago because I  felt like I was just setting myself for failure.  What better way to feel unaccomplished than to hold yourself accountable for a list of unattainable goals, just to complete...NOT EVEN ONE of them.

But this age, age 31, will be different for me.  I will NOT set myself up for failure.  I will merely put together things that I want to do.  If I accomplish them---awesome, if not---next years list will just be a repeat of any goals not checked.  I mean, I have to hold myself to more sort of standard.  I can't always hide under excuses and come up with ridiculous reasons for why I am NOT to living my life to the fullest and doing what I am truly happy with.  

I will list my *31* goals but please know that some of them are far fetched, some of them are vain and related to beauty, some are deep, many are superficial...BUT they are mine all the same.  And there are also NOT 31...  I figured that would be a little crazy, since some of these goals are already a bit extreme... I have to be a little realistic.

So here are some of my goals:

- Lose 30 pounds
-Complete the Couch to 5K training app
-Workout/ Exercise at least 5 days a week
-Run 2 5K's
-Run a total of 200 miles
-Start weight watchers again and stick with it until you are a Lifetime member-- (I signed up on 11/22/13)
-maintain a consistent Constant Work in Progress blog
-Get beauty/self improvement YouTube channel ( Makeup of Michelle) up and running
-Start Beauty Blog (Makeup Of Michelle and be consistent with that also
-go on a getaway with just Damian for at least 4 days
-take the kids on 1 family vacation
-maintain a decent savings account at a credit union
-pay every bill ON TIME.... no late fees this year!
-have nail polish on at least 5 days each week
-Attend church again
-Cook meals at least 4 days a week-- no more excuses that because you Renato home a lot, you can't have home cooked meals
-tell Madison, Myles, Mayci, and Damian that I love them everyday- (don't judge me, but I honestly DO NOT tell them everyday
-write in my journal more
-Complain yes
-Attend more of Damian's gigs
-be more aware of the language I use
- Read 75 books
-Work on time management

Whheeewwwwww.......seems like alot when I look at everything.  Each of these goals are very important to me and I know that as I get closer to complete them, it will only make me a better person.....And I could definitely use that!  I have this exact list on my phone so that no matter where I am, I can look at it and be reminded of what I am working towards!!


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