Sunday, February 24, 2013

Storm Nemo/ Charlotte 2013

FRIDAY FEB 8-10 glad that's over....even though it definitely could have been worse!  We were all home and safe and sound on Friday by about 1p...I was the only lucky one who got to go to work on Friday, and I went in a little early(6:30a) to ensure that by leaving early I would not lose out on too much of my earned vacation/personal time.  I like to use that time for things that I plan for, not because I have to.

 Madison, always the planner, had been in emergency storm preparation mode all day.  She had gone around the house looking for flashlights, glow sticks for her and Myles, candles, and batteries.  She even set up an area in the playroom with each of their favorite blankets, snacks, extra glow sticks....just in case. I was at work Friday morning so she sent em pictures of her work.

She started getting a little upset when it became clear that we were not going to be losing power, but was also enjoying the fact that she could keep her tablet charged without having to worry about how much battery power she was using.  Mayci and Myles, well they didn't even have a clue!!

Saturday morning was quite exciting for everyone when we opened the front door only to see that we were stuck in the house.  Being a little claustrophobic, my heart was pounding as I walked to the back door to make sure we had an escape route!  Damian wanted to get everything done nice and early so he went out to get started on the porch, walkway, and driveway...... more power to him.  I have to admit, while feeling quite a bit ashamed, I did not help very much at all....BUT-- I did make sure that he had a fresh pair of dry clothes and hot chocolate waiting for him when he was ready to take a break.
Do you see that little red speck on the right side of the picture in the middle of the snow?  Yup, that's the passenger side mirror of my car...took a while for us to get to the rest of it!! :)

I spent Saturday and Sunday scolding kids every once in a while and watching LOCK UP on Netflix (one of my guilty pleasures).  By the end of the day on Sunday I was already dreading getting up bright and early to go into work.....but money is tight as always, so I guess I should just be grateful that my job was open so I was going to be able to get paid and not use any of my vacation or personal time.

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