Saturday, February 9, 2013

Myles love

So everyone knows my stories about Myles and his costumes.  As those close to me know,I have limited alot of his costume wearing when he is with me.  So today when I was picking him up from Abby's house...explained to me a his solution.  He has been slowly bringing his costmues to Mama's house and keeping them there in a laundry basket.  Here was our conversation:

Myles:  I love you so much Mommy

Me: Oh, I love you too (i dont hear i love you that much from this little kid, so i was super surprised)

Myles: Well I love you so I bring my costumes to Mama's house so I can wear them here since all I actually care about is love....serious..I'm so serious.  I care about love and costumes and I love you Mommy.


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