Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday

This is how Madison and Myles decorated a part of the driveway on Saturday before Easter
Easter Sunday was such a NICE day!!  We opted out of church this year.  I get very overwhelmed goign to church on Easter Sunday when the rest of the world who doesn't attend all year round shows up.  I know it's a silly idea, but oh's mine. I know I have probably just offended many and I do apologize...God knows my heart no matter where I am and missing an Easter Sunday won't make that any different.

The kids woke up to their Easter baskets at a pretty decent time.  I remember alway waking up SUPER early because of excitement.  This year, Damian and I decided to talk to the Easter Bunny and inform him that we would like to choose the less candy route in the baskets this year.  SO this time around the kids got small gifts, few candy, a shirt, socks, a movie or book...and then it was complete...They didn't even seem to notice  and seemed happy all the same.

Showing off their new toothbrushes...poor Mayci got left out of this one, she just got a new one the week before

We ended up at Ted and Abby's(Pop-up and Mama) house for both an Easter Dinner and a birthday celebration for Ted.  The kids enjoyed a good meal, thanks to Abby,and a pineapple upside down birthday cake for Ted.  Being as spoiled "blessed" as they are.....each kid also got another basket over at their house. But they had to work a little harder at finding theirs because they were hid around the house! :)  Some of the nearby family came by and the kids (Madison, Myles, and Jacob) enjoyed a cool easter egg hunt put on by Pop-up...(Grandpa Ted).

The weather was on our side so Pop-up took Madison and Myles son a bike ride to the elementary school playground, I went home with Mayci to finish decorating the bunny cakes i had baked, and Damian stayed and hung out with his brothers and cousins.  It's sad that they don't see each other that I know that they defintiely didn't want Damian's wife hangin around... Lol!!  Hey, I know my place........

The only not so nice thing about today is that it had to end early because it was a school/work night for us!!

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