Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend in Review April 15- April 17th

Such a good weekend with even better weather!!  I have to say that this was probably one of the nicest weekends I have had in a while.  All 5 of us were home and got to spend some time together.  Albert, Luques, Karina, and Zeni were all in town on Saturday into Sunday.  I missed seeing Zaccai, but he was around Sunday night for a gig.  All in all -- such a great family oriented weekend.

Saturday brought some beautiful weather with it!  After karate with Mayci, lots of time was spent outside playing, cleaning up the yard, and the little kids doing a bit of their digging holes in the backyard gardening.

By mid afternoon we headed over to Mama and PopUp's to see Luques, Karina, and Zeni-- it was Zeni's first trip to CT so it was quite the BIG DEAL!!  Mama was super excited to show off her newest grandbaby lots of people came by to greet Baby Z and see her proud new parents!!!!  Yvette, Paul, Nikko, Melina, Natalia, Angelina, Abigail, Jacob, Monica, Jorge, Titi Tata, Carol, Veronica, and Albert are just to name a few.  The kids decided to stay over longer because they were having such a good time and Madison was hanging out with Nikko and Melina, who are just a year older than she is :)

Mayci at the park-- pretending to be the Statue of Liberty

Myles and I racing...

Yup--- I won the race.. the little girl next to me is some friend that Myles met at the park named Emily

Miss Zeni Bea

Mama with her newest grandbaby

Quality time for Mama and Zeni

Sunday was a low key day for the family as well.  The Curtis Brothers Quartet had a gig in Hartford on Sunday night. So the family, excluding Myles and me, went to go support them also.  Myles and I stayed back so that we could ensure that he would get to bed on time and be prepared for his first day back at school after a week long Spring Break.  I was pretty surprised to find out that Damian also ended up playing a little as well.  I have heard from many that went that it was a great show and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
The weather was so beautiful on Sunday, that the kids just HAD to eat breakfast outside on the back porch

Thumb wrestling match between Albert and Madison

I hope this upcoming weekend bring some lifelong memories as well...
Engaging in some intense conversation with Zeni

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