Thursday, April 28, 2016

7 years ( April 27th)

7 years.... And I am not talking about my current favorite song by Lukas Graham.  I am talking about the age that my little boy just turned today.  I cannot even believe that my Myles McCoy is now 7 years old.  Just seven years ago on April 27, 2009 at 3:20pm, I gave birth to my only son.  The times surrounding that moment stand out to me more than I realized they did.
My stay in the hospital after Myles was born was pretty interesting.  I wasn't alone like I was when I had Madison. I was sharing the moment with Damian. I remember struggling with that thought... That I wasn't the only person responsible for him, that it wasn't just MY opinions that mattered, or just  MY decisions that counted.  Myles, at only hours old, was teaching me about my marriage and changing my way of thinking.
And now, at 7 years old, Myles still teaches me things on a daily basis.  Named after Miles Davis and McCoy Tyner, this little boy is certainly his father's child.  He is my little music man.  He has an appreciation for music that comes from within.  He loves sitting with Daddy and PopUp and learning about different genres and musical artists.  One week , he wants to listen to Beethoven each night before bed, the next week it's The Fresh Prince, then comes, Michael Jackson, Eddie Palmieri, his dad's hip hop music, or his uncles... The Curtis Brothers....  You never really know with him,  I just love that.
He has a constant desire to learn something new and each time he does, it becomes a tiny obsession for him. Drives me crazy, but I love it all at the same time.
There is just something about the way he will tell me, when I am feeling bad about my weight, "Mommy, you aren't fat. You are the perfect size for a mommy", that just melts my heart-- every time!
Now, I definitely know a thing or two about Momma's boys..and while I wouldn't call Myles a Momma's boy, I will admit that there is a special place in my heart that he fits just oh so perfectly in!!

Enough of all of this sentimental stuff... Let me just say - HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY MR MYLES!!

This past Sunday, Mama, in typical, Mama fashion threw Myles a birthday party.  I am not a huge party person, so I let Mama take over in thIs area for certain ages.  I will take the reins for some of the big milestone birthdays, but since it gives Mama extra pleasure to do this for her grandkids, I figure that I should let het.  And the kids are always super appreciative and excited, venue though it took me a while to get used to it.  This year, Myles wanted a Lego Star Wars party. So this is what Abby gave him.  Myles had such a great time and the weather was definitely on our side.  A special thank you to everyone that came over to celebrate Myles birthday with him.  It makes me so grateful to have such a wonderful family and great friends that are just like family care so much about my kids.  And to those that didn't even know about the party.. My apologies.. I suck at things like passing the word around- one of my many parenting flaws, had to do with that anti social thing that I swear I am gig to work on every year haha.


And since. Myles birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, it was very low key.  Damian and I had to work and the kids had school.  On Wednesday Myles has piano lessons and we decided to keep everyone's schedule as is, so Madison had dance and Mayci, who would normally go to church (but youth services were cancelled)' came home and hung out with me.  But no worries, we still made sure to take some time out to sing Happy Birthday and celebrate Myles' actual birthday!  Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Wayne came by bearing gifts for Myles.. He was so happy with all his new Pokemon paraphernalia lol.  PopUp was over hanging out with Myles also helping him and Grandpa Wayne figure out how to play with Myles new toys.  Mama and Veronica came by after every church to celebrate Myles as well. Grandma and Granopa had to leave a little earlier, but the rest of us struggles to wait until Madison got home from dance, around 920p to sing Happy Birthday and eat cupcakes. Myles was getting a little restless but understood that Madison wanted to be around- especially since she feels like she misses out on so much because of dance. Uuuuugggghhhh..... as I am now typing this , I realize that I completely forgot about the ice cream hahaha.. I guess that means that I will have a snack for later heehee

While Myles was getting ready for bed waiting for daddy to cuddle him, he said to me, "Mommy, thank you so much for my birthday party today. I know you are tired and want to go to bed, so I am happy that you let me stay up and have cupcakes after my bedtime and open up my gifts! I am having a great birthday and I already love being 7!"

Happy Birthday to my precious son! You manage to melt my heart with the simplest things. I love you!!

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