Monday, July 8, 2013

Week of June 30-July 6

Been a pretty good week.  I mean, good in the sense that I think the kids had a good weekend.  Madison seemed to enjoy her first full week off of school and I KNOW that Myles and Mayci LOVE having her home!

Monday after work, Ted and Abby asked to keep the kids for a little longer to hand out and go out to dinner.  I have several things around the house that I wanted to work on, so of course I agreed. After coming home, it seemed as though Myles had gotten sick at Friendly's and thrown up.  The jury is till out as to whether or not he was a little sick to his stomach or he choked, but now this little boy is PARANOID!  We have been struggling since then to get him to eat a full meal, because he is so afraid of "spitting up." Let me assure you..I tried to be patient with him for several days, but today I blew up at him because I was just so frustrated with him.  I may have made matters worse because then he broke down entirely and got very upset with me.  I feel very bad, and will tell him that when he has calmed down, but uuugghhh, I just don't think I have much in the patiene department and I am not ashamed to admit it.

The rest of the week has pretty much consisted of me trying to clean out bedrooms and get this house in some kind of order so that I can come up with a schedule to help me maintain it better.  That's going okay, but I don't get nearly as much done in a day as I would like..I would like to attribute that to the fact that our house is unbearably hot with no AC and a few ceiling fans that just move around the hot air- but in reality, I think I am incredibly lazy.  But slowly, I am determined to get it all done.  Mayci is having a birthday party in 3 weeks so I would really like to get the house presentable by then :)

Madison started back with dance this week.  Looks like she is taking about 10 classes, spending 4 hours at dance twice a week and then 2 hours on another day. It doesn't seem to bother her, so I will continue to let her do so.

Myles and Damian showed up at Myles' soccer practice this past Tuesday, but unfortunately his coach has been ill so no practice yet again.  The kids have been filling in the gaps this week by spending time outside, at the park, and at the town pool.  hey are covered in mosquito bites, getting some color, and pretty exhausted by the end of the I'm thinking that summer is going as planned.

This upcoming week consists of work, the pool, more park visits I am sure, birthday parties, and my brother in law Luques and his fiancé Karina's engagement party will end the week on Saturday.
Mayci relaxing at Alyce's 3rd birthday was so hot outside!!
Madison playing "teacher" to her "students" Myles and Mayci...believe it or not--those little ones really enjoy sitting still and "learning"
This is how Mayci was enjoying her lunch and watching LeapFrog....What a worryfree life...

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