Monday, July 15, 2013

Week of July 7-July 13 2013

This week has just been dragging for me so much.  It started out like such a good week at first, but now I am just extra ready for the weekend.  (i know--- could I sound any more pitiful!!)  Myles is still suffering from stomachaches and discomfort and every time that kicks in, boy is he miserable.  Only good thing is that it last for a little while and then goes away until next time.  But because it has been two weeks, this warranted him a trip to see the doctor, well the emergency room in fact.  Damian and Madison went to the ER with Myles and I took Mayci home to put her to bed...and for all you judgemental mama's out there..nope- I didn't go..I don't like any stomach related illnesses and well, lets be honest ..I have never claimed to be the worlds best mom!  Anyway..nothing serious per doctor..just a little "backed up" and filled with air and well, other things.

Damian has been picking up extra hours at the store, so Anastoria has been coming to the house twice a week to help with babysitting.  The kids love it.  And Anastoria is such a Godsend. She wakes up extremely early just to catch the bus to our house and doesn't even act like it is a problem! We love her, and I hope Madison is paying extra attention, because in just a opulent short years she will be on babysitter duty!

This weekend (it's Sunday, July 14,2013) was awesome.  On Friday, all the kids were luck enough to have the opportunity to attend Damian's cousin, magda's wedding.  It was on a beach so before the ceremony, the kids had time to play in the sand.  Damian and I weren't able to go due to work, but when Madison and Mayci got home late Friday night(Myles of course stayed with Mama and Popup) they were already tired if not asleep.  Saturday was a busy day.  Damian had to work in the morning and had a gig at night so we didn't see each other except for first thing in the morning and then right before I went to bed around 1030p. But...that happens sometimes and while I never enjoy days like that, I am tried hard to not let it ruin my day.  We had Aaliyah's birthday party in Waterford and because Myles was still feeling blah, it turned out to be a girls only trip.  The party was at a bowling alley, and I was so happy that Madison was able spend some time with her cousins and that they evens had bowling shoes that fit Mayci! Plus, this particular family..Damian's uncle Greg, Aunt Robin, cousins Jazmyn, her husband Kike and their kids, Ambeur and her daughter Aaliyah(the birthday girl), and Isaiah(who was unable to attend the party) and his wife Tianne and their boys... Is always EXTRA good to my kids and even made sure that Madison had her cheese free pizza to eat!  Always so thoughtful.  It was so nice to see the family especially since we don't see them as often as we probably should :). We ended the day at Luques and Karina's engagement party. What a nice party.  So many family and friends came out to celebrate such a great couple!!! It was so good to see everyone and spend a little time just relaxing and talking with people even though I cut the night short for myself because of the heat and mosquitos.  I will admit that since I am such a homebody, I miss out on a lot of events like this, but I am really trying to get better.  I am so happy for both Luques and Karina and hope that has time goes on, I will get better at reaching out and spending time with people so that I can really get to know Karina. She seems absolutely amazing, we get along, and my kids ADORE fact Madison is so excited to call her Aunt Karina...but because I tend to stay home during a lot of events and differ occasions, I have missed out on getting to know her anymore. I did talk with her this weekend and I hope to plan something when I can head out to NYC and we can get together to just hand out for a girls day!!

Today I am home relaxing, catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, and making sure the house is in order. Next week Madison leaves for her 5 day trip to NYC and Damian and I are hoping to get out there on until then...........
Mr Myles after he got comfy in the ER bed/cot
Check out those awesome bowling shoes
The couple of honor cutting their cake...
Iron Man performing for his uncle Luques and Aunt Karina at their engagement party!
Madison getting ready to show off her bowling skills

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