Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 4, 2014 - July 6, 2014

I swear-- one of these days I am going to be caught up and on a decent schedule with this darned blog.  But until then.. you will just be surprised randomly  with various posts.. And this one happens to be about the long 4th of July weekend!

July 4th weekend was a pretty fun weekend for us.  Nothing super exciting, but I do have a few pics to share!


We spent the actual 4th of July just running errands, lounging around- I wish I could say cleaning, but NOPE..that got pushed to back burner as always.  The best part - both Damian and I were off from work so we were able to see each other several times throughout the day.

In an effort to live a more healthy lifestyle, I met up with a friend in the morning to go for a run.  It's about a 3.1 or so mile loop, but I only ran about a mile and a half to 2 miles...but it felt GOOD!  I was so proud  of myself.  Damian was off on Saturday also and I picked Madison up from a sleepover and we just hung out around the house for the majority of the day.  Damian worked in the studio quite a bit on some music.  Madison, Mayci, and I met Nicole, Gianna, Bella, Alex, Tonya, Makai, Zoey, and Zane at Manchester Community College for fireworks. Myles stayed home because Gilbert was coming over to play and Rama is probably just too cool to hang out with a bunch of old people and "babies".  But we had  SO MUCH FUN!!  I hadn't seen Makai since he was a baby and had never really met Zoey and Zane.  What cutie patooties they are and Mr. Makai has such a deep voice, he sounds like a man from far away!  And it was great to be able to see Tonya and Alex after years and years as well!  I just wish we had more time that night.  The fireworks only lasted about a half hour, yet it took us a good hour and 15 minutes to even get off of the MCC campus.  Well worth it to spend some time catching up! Makai sure did love himself some Madison... He even informed me that I NEED to have him come over to play with her soon!And both Gianna and Bella yelled at me for not having them over recently over SO CUTE!!  **and nope, I haven't scheduled that play date yet lol**

On Sunday, Ted and Abby had planned a trip to Lake McDonough in Barkhamsted.  I hadn't been there since Myles was 1 month old, so it was nice to head up that way. Damian and I didn't have any set time that we wanted to be there, s that helped meout with my stress level, since social things like this give me EXTREME ANXIETY.  We arrived by late morning and were greeted by so many family and friends: Ted, Abby, Yvette, TiTi TaTa, Melina, Niko, Monica, Jacob, Abigail, Angelina, Christopher, Natalia and her husband and sisters, Uncle Jorge... throughout the day, Zaccai, Luques, Daryl, Dalila, Iliana, Brian, TiTi Ada, Titi Ana, Amanda, Aaron, Alicia, Sammy, Nadia, Bas, TiTi Miriam, Rae-Sheilla & her new baby, Becky, Carissa, some family friends, Nilda..and several more trickled in and out throughout the day.  Unfortunately Madison, Mayci, and I left early so that I could drop Madison off at another lake in Marlborough since she had previous plans made with her friend.  But either way-- everyone had a good day.  I may or may not have forgotten to apply sunscreen to the kids and they may or may not have gotten mild sunburns.. No worries, perfect parents out there, they survived and are doing well!

Here are some pics to highlight this particular weekend, enjoy:

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